The monster in my mirror

We had just moved to a new a new town with a new house. It was a fresh start at least I thought it was....No one was ever out side it was like a ghost town. Then the day we moved into our new house people started to act strange. I told my friend about it...He's a monster and he lives in my mirror...This is our story


9. Sleep over

The car ride was long and fun. We played lots of car games and laughed a lot to. When we started to get close to her house Kelly turned to me. "Your going to love my house and where going to have so much fun. Also Jack, Charlie, and Abby are coming over for the sleep over as well." I smiled at the sound of that. "They are?!" I said causing her to smile. "So that's what you sound like!!! I was wondering when I would finally get to hear you talk." I smiled and looked away blushing. "You where?" She shook her head yes. I laughed but stopped as we reached her house. "Wow...." She laughed at me face. "Nice right?" I shook my head still amazed by the sight of her house.

Kelly helped me get my stuff as I followed her inside the big house. Their was so many rooms in her house. We walked into a bright room. "This is my room and the one next is where you and Jack will be sleeping." I nodded my head to show that I understand.

Kelly's room was white and purple with crazy designs. I looked around the room taking in the view of her room. "Do you like it?" I smiled and nodded my head. As she laughed. "I'm glad you like my room." She took my head and lead me to another room. It wasn't as cool as her room was. "This is where you and Jack will be sleeping tonight." I walked into the room taking the view in.

"The bed should be big enough for you and Jack to share for the night." She smiled at me and I nodded ounce again saying nothing. Then the door bell rang and I followed Kelly down stairs. "I got it mom!!!" She called out letting Jack and Abby in. Abby and Jack both smiled and greeted me. Abby looked at Kelly and told her that Charlie would be late. Kelly smiled and brushed it off. "That's fine come one lets get snakes from the kitchen." We all agreed and followed Kelly to the kitchen. I made sure to stay close to her so I wouldn't get lost in her big house.

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