Zadie moves to New York with her family. She thought it was going to be a normal trip, until her mom gets kidnaped. She gets help from a teenager and a middle age man. What happens when the teen in hope of finding his girlfriend falls in love with this stranger he's helping?


1. Chapter 1

Nick Tyler was one of the most unique person I have ever met. He could get a whole room full of people to pray, with his heart covered in gold. Only at the age of eighteen he made it that far, and only at the age of seventeen he changed my life.


  “Mom!” I yelled. “When are we leaving?!”


  “Soon!” She called back.


  We’re going to New York City! I know that’s where a lot of people would like to go. Although, I’m the type of person that would rather go somewhere like France, China, Japan, etc.. A place where someone doesn't speak my language so I can learn something new. New York is just going to make me tired... 


  My dad walked up to me when I just now realized I was scowling. He kissed me on the head. “Everything is going to be alright, Zadie. If it makes you feel better you’re still going to school.”


  I looked up to face my dad. “Tell me how that will make me feel better.”


  “I thought you liked to learn. I thought from now on you can take home school an-” He saw my expression and his face softened. “New York is going to be our home now. You’ll get used to it. You might even make some friends.” He paused, like he was waiting for a response. He finally spoke, “Now go pack. We’re leaving today.”



I really wish I was sitting with my mom or dad. Instead they’re sitting with each other and I’m stuck with a stranger. A lady, maybe in her middle age, scooted pass me to get to the window. She sat down and sighed. 


  “Um, excuse me? Ma’am? Can I take the window seat?” 


  She glared at me, but, when she probably realized I was a child, she smiled. “Of course.” 


  I’m seventeen, but, with my short figure, and my freckles (that makes me look younger) a lot of people mistaken me for being fourteen. Sometimes it pays off. 


  When I was thirteen the waiter mistaken me for being ten, so, I got my dinner for free.


  We switched spots and I suddenly felt grateful. This is the first time I ever road a airplane, but, I always knew I would take the window seat. 


  “Ok, it’s time for everyone to take your seat,” The Fly Attendant announced. “We will be starting the flight soon.” 


  When the plane finally got in the air, I watched with amazement. I always thought that would be a cool power. To fly. To spread your wings and soar through the sky like a bird. 


  “How’s everything?” I heard the fly attendants voice say.


  The lady responded with a “good.” 


  “What about you, sweetheart?” The fly attendant asked. I just kind of nodded without looking away from the window.


  I heard chuckling and footsteps walking away.



I decided that I don’t really like flying. I’m bored out of my mind and all I want to do now is pee. But someone is already in the bathroom. Why can’t there be at least two more bathrooms? I knocked on the door again. “Please, hurry up! I can’t take this anymore.” I crossed my arms and tried not to think about it. I jumped up and down. When that didn’t help I started pacing.


  After a few seconds I gave up. I walked back to my seat and just tried not to think about it. 


  Finally, the fly attendant announced we were going to land soon. Thank God!



I ran up to my parents when we got out. “I got to go!”


  “We’re about to be in our hotel soon,” says my mom. 


  “No, momma. I got to pee.” I almost whined.


  My dad laughed. “There’s a restaurant there. Maybe, they will have a bathroom in there.”  He slapped me on the back. “Hurry up, kiddo. We’ll be waiting outside.”


  I saw the restaurant he was pointing at, and I skipped over to it. I didn’t even bother reading the name.


  When I walked in I realized it was a fancy place. A waiter moved around me to get to a customer. That made me realize I was just standing there. 


  I forced myself to walk, finally remembering what I was really here for. The bathroom.



When I got back, I sighed in relief. I was about to walk outside until there was a buzzing coming from my phone. I took the phone out of my pocket and answered it with a chirpy, “hello?” When there was no answer back I became confused. I looked at my phone and chuckled. That’s because it was a message. Silly me. 


  Me and your dad decided to go to the hotel to pack. We will be back for you. 


   From, Mom.


  I decided since, I’m already here, I might as well get something to eat.


  Every table was occupied except for one. I sat down and waited for a waiter or an waitress to come up to me.


  Usually, back home in Georgia we would wait by the door and the waiter or waitress would take us to our seat. But I don’t see anyone waiting by the door here. Everyone is just walking to a table, takes a seat, and wait for a waiter. 


  I search the menu. Maybe, I will get a chicken sandwich. I nodded. Yes, a fancy chicken sandwich it is. I laid my menu down and sighed.


  Everything seemed boring. Everything seemed boring until he walked in. 


  Blonde, curly hair with vivid blue eyes. He was tall. He didn’t exactly have facial hair, but, he had more of a shadow. 


  I blushed and hid behind my menu.


  I peeked a little.


  There was a guy that walked in with him. The man that was with him, looked to be around forty.


  They looked around, probably to find a empty table. Good luck with that.


  Suddenly the boy spotted me and started walking over. Breathe, Zadie. Breathe.


  The man followed him.


  “May we sit here?” The boy asked kindly.


  I nodded. I could feel another blush creeping on my cheeks.


  He sat down in front of me. The man sat beside him. My only guess is that they’re father and son, but they look nothing alike.


  They started looking through the menu. The boy finally broke the silence, without looking up.


  “What’s good here?” He asked.


  “Um, it’s my first time being here. I’m originally from Georgia.” I bit my lip.


  He looked up and smiled. “I can tell.”


  I blushed again and looked down. 


  When the waiter got here. I ordered a chicken sandwich. 


  The waiter was obviously flirting with me. My only response was a blush. 


  I blush way to easy. I can practically feel the heat rising to my cheeks. 


  “I’m Nick, by the way,” says the boy.


  I smiled. “I’m Zadie.”


  The man scoffed. “Unusual.” 


  Nick gave him a look. “It’s pretty.”


  The man rolled his eyes. 


  Nick sighed. “This is Damon. Sorry, he’s nice when you get to know him. He’s just seems grumpy...all the time.”


  I chuckled.


  Damon didn’t seem to think that was to funny and he let out another scoff.


  When the waiter brought us our food, I started on my burger. Damon was about to start on his steak until Nick stopped him.


  He had his hands he was about to pray.


  Damon groaned and placed his fork on the table. He copied Nick’s position, and also interlaced his fingers with each other. He bowed his head, while Nick prayed.


  I felt awkward. I didn’t know if I should put my burger down and pray with them or just watch.


  ‘“Bow my head. I now be fed. Thank you Lord for this daily bread. Amen.”’


  I stared at Nick with amazement. I still had my burger pressed in my hands.


  He opened his eyes and started on his food. Damon did the same.


  I still sat there, staring at him.


  Damon leaned over to whisper in Nick’s ear, but, I could hear every word. “Doesn't she know, she can eat now?” 


  I let out small laugh and started eating.



My parents were waiting for me outside. “I decided to eat,” I told them.


  My mom rolled her eyes. “I can tell.” She pointed at her own mouth. 


  First, I was confused, but then I realized what she meant. She handed me a tissue from her purse, and I wiped my mouth. I have ketchup all around my mouth.


  Well, that’s embarrassing...


  We walked to the hotel and I dragged my luggage there.


  I couldn’t wait to collapse on the bed. All I want to do is sleep. 


  I couldn’t stop thinking about Nick. 


  I smiled, and carried on. 


  I attempted to skip while I was dragging luggages. People said I don’t just look younger than my age, I act younger than my age too. I don’t agree with that, though. If anything I just act myself. And I feel like this is the way I’m always going to act.


  People likes to think they know me, but, they don’t. No one does really. I hide my real self pretty well. 


  That’s okay, though.


  When we got to our hotel room, I picked a bed. I put the stuff beside the door and headed towards the bed.


  We were going to buy a real house, but, right now this is all my parents can afford.


  I fell asleep without throwing any covers on me. In the middle of the night, I knew I was cold. I started shivering.


  I felt someone cover me up, and I fell into a deep sleep.

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