ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO BE WHAT YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN...... A 16 year old girl moves to London to make her dream come true...but going with her dream she meet a guy and fall in love with him......



     "All the years I have been waiting for one thing , not just a thing 'my dream, my passion, my love 'everything  I always wanted" 

   "My boring life had suddenly change, my dream had come true..."

​1:30 pm

I was sitting and watching T.V when there was a knock at the door, a postman was standing there I opened the door and received a letter from him, closing the door I read :​ TO MISS DARCY CULLEN

                                                                                       ​FORM: LONDON MUSICAL & ART GROUP.

​That's my name I screamed loudly till my mom & dad  came out. As I opened the letter my heart was beating  so fast, as I read:

​   Dear  Darcy Cullen

​            We are very glad to notify you that you have been admitted  for London musical & art group,

​          your art  of song are so good that you  got a scholarship to this group. You are requested to

          report to London musical & art group by 2 feb. as the classes are starting from 8 feb.

​                                                                                                                             thankyou...

  As I read these words aloud I had a big smile on my face, my fear of not selecting had gone and I was the happiest person on this planet for now...Full day had passed and I was planning of going to London........



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