A 16 year old girl moves to London to make her dream come true...but going with her dream she meet a guy and fall in love with him......



​ Hs lips were soft, and moved slow, and gently n the same rhythm as my lips. Hs hands, squeezing me giving me butterflies that was hard to get rid of.. He slowly leaned away from me and broke the contact between us and smiled.. For some seconds , the silence between us was comfortable, and none of us broke t, but then the sound of a car driving away made Danny turn to look back. He let go and reached out to pull the boxers up over his ankels and then up his legs, till he was covering his private body part. The part that was allowed to visit. He opened the door and went down stars and was still n my bed with closed eyes.. After some seconds the door opened again and then the sound of the paper, I opened my eyes. " There's a note for you.." Danny said.. I reached out for the paper, and he handed it to me.

Dear Darcy

​ I came home late last night I didn't came up to see thinking you went to sleep and I don't wanna disturb you,, I have to go early cause it important in hospital and may come late and sorry to leave you like that last day. I have made some breakfast for you and milk is in fridge and eggs are in micro oven.. Bye take care.  

​   -Love Aunt Lisa

I finished reading, and handed Danny the paper. He just curled the paper together, to a little paper ball, then he threw it on the pile of our clothes, that had ended up on the floor last night. He crawled up the same blanket I was lying under, then he locked his arms  around me and pulled me close and I had to bit my lips hard. Now that I was lying still, in his arms. It all felt so beautiful​​. Listening to his heartbeat, with my ear  against his naked chest, made me pray to god that this moment would last forever.

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