A 16 year old girl moves to London to make her dream come true...but going with her dream she meet a guy and fall in love with him......


6. DON'T STOP !!

​Danny's P.O.V:

     I couldn't help but love the way she looked, her body, her smile, the flame in her eyes... "What do you want my to do, baby?" I asked while I slapped her ass, making her scream. "Anything!   Whatever you want! I don't care, I just need you!" She managed to say, and i was well known about what i was going to do. I pulled in, not in the butt hole, but in her pussy. it was tight, and her gasp made me fell even better. While holding my hands on her hips, I moved fast, back and forth, in and out, making her gasp I was moaning myself, but I knew I wouldn't allow myself to cum, no ways. While pounding in and out of her, harder and faster than ever before, I saw a shiny little teardrop hit the pillow. A proud smile appeared on my lips, and I went even faster. "DANNY! DON'T STOP!" She screamed, and I could feel her getting close to cumming again. This time I didn't pull out, I kept going, kept hitting the spot. She grabbed the pillow and I knew she expected me to stop, but no way I would stop . "D-danny..." Her words were shaking, lust like her body. Another rush of pleasere made her shake. "DANNY!" She screamed again, "Please stop.. P-please,". I ignored her, and kept going. Just when I thought I couldn't go any faster, I did, and her pussy walls were closing and opening around my cock. I hit her g-spot, hard, one last time, making her scream my name again, and then I pulled out, and she collapsed on the bed. I laid down beside her, completely naked. I managed to press my lips against hers. In between the kiss, I managed to say, " I want a blowjob tomorrow, okay?"

Darcy's P.O.V:

​When I woke up, I found Danny lying by my side, completely naked. A little Laugh ON my lips. Last night was.... Epic. That guy really knew what to do, to make me want him. He rolled over, till he was lying on his back. He wasn't wearing any blanket, so my eyes wandered down his body, and I found myself staring at his cock. My cheeks turner red, As the blood, form my fast beating heart, started pumping out in my veins. I tried to pull up, in a sitting position but I collapsed in bed, as my lower part of the body was paining.. I tried to go up in a doggy position, but when I moved my leg, the pain came back and on the sheet of the bed there were a little memory from last night, "Was that Danny's work?...We just had met and we did this mush?" I had to admit that was so good. My pussy felt in pain, I climb down in bed again and hear the echo of Danny's voice.... Last night " how the hell did I end up in so much pain? As I closed my eyes a lovely voice, whispered, "morning gorgeous," I smile at him. "What is the time?" he asked "it 7:00am"  I replied looking at Danny.... Again I hit the pillow fast, and grabbed Danny's hand, "Is everything okay?" He sounded confused........ "I can't even sit up...." I said.    "Cause of last night?" He asked. "I guess so..." "Try to sit up, let me help you," He grabbed my are, and helped me, while I pulled myself up, but I screamed out and laid down while crying.. Something in his eyes told me that he felt guilty. "Sorry Darcy..." He mumbled, and bit his lips.. "Its not your fault," I said wiping my tears.

​I lifted my head a little, without moving the lower parts of the body, I let his read the signals, and he bend down, And gently kissed my lisp.

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