Beautiful Lou || l.s

{SHORT STORY} Louis has never once felt beautiful, until Harry showed him just how beautiful he really was.



3. |chapter three

Louis' nerves have been jittering for the past couple of days. He's been thinking about Harry's words in the cafe, and now he has been thinking about what Harry's reaction would be when he saw him wear something a little girly.

The night before, Louis texted Harry and asked the younger boy if he wanted to come over to his flat. Sooner or later, Harry is eventually going to see the real Louis, and Louis thought it would be better now rather than later.

It put a little stress on the boy. Harry was going to be the first person who saw him dressed like this. But Louis tried to calm himself down, telling himself, "It's going to be okay.... Harry's different to others.... He said he'd accept me...." But usually when he said that, immediately after he would deny it and worry.

Right now, the boy was sitting on his couch, cross legged, checking the time on his phone every couple of seconds as it was coming closer to twelve, when Harry would be here. He looked down at his still painted nails, noticing they were getting chipped and mentally noted to paint them again soon. 

The sound of a ding dong rang through the flat, breaking the silence. It made Louis jump a little, his eyes widening.

This was it.

Louis took a big gulp, trying to hide how scared and nervous he was right now. He stood up, slowly walking to the front door, fixing the head band he placed in his hair before, and making sure both of his sleeves were pulled down to cover his hands. He took a deep breath before cautiously opening the door.

He poked his head around the door, seeing Harry standing. The taller boy had a grin on his face, his eyes soon widening when he noticed what Louis was wearing.

The smaller boy was dressed in a pale pink sweater that drooped to his thighs, a white skirt and cute fluffy white socks on his feet. His hair was fluffy and wavy, a flower head band just made the outfit and the boy even cuter. He was also wearing a little bit of winged eyeliner, mascara, light blush and sweet lip balm.

Harry honestly couldn't get his eyes off of the boy.

Louis noticed Harry's wide eyes and gawking stare, making him regret ever wearing this. Harry hated it...

"I-I'm sorry... I'll just go cha-"

"No!" Harry stopped Louis, walking fully into the flat. His eyes met Louis' insecure ones. "I mean, please don't"

Louis looked down, shy. "Why? You don't like it..."

"Lou.." Harry lifted Louis' chin up with two fingers gently, making sure the older boy was looking right back into his eyes. "You look so pretty. So beautiful."

Although Louis' cheeks burned red at his words, he still didn't believe them.

Harry closed the door behind them, not taking his eyes off of the older man. He just looked so cuddly with his body drowned in the sweater.

The shorter boy questioned, "Why are you still staring at me?" He giggled softly.

A chuckle left Harry's lips, a grin places on his features. "Just thinking about how cuddly you look right now."

Louis' sweater covered hand moved up to cover his growing smile, giggling. 

"You giggling like that is making you even cuter!" Harry said, surprising Louis suddenly when the younger boy wrapped his arms around Louis' curvy waist, lifting him up slightly and spinning around. It only caused Louis to giggle more.


After a couple spins, Harry stopped, but he didn't put Louis down just yet. He looked up at the gorgeous blue eyes above him, smiling. "You're pretty when you smile." He tilted his head up, placing a quick kiss to the tip of Louis' nose.

Louis tried to stop the blush that was showing brighter than before. "You're gonna make me look like a cherry if you keep doing things like that!"

"But you would be a cute cherry. The best cherry there ever was."

Louis rolled his eyes. "Cheeseball.." But he secretly loved it. Louis' smile slowly dropped when a thought came to mind. "I'm surprised you can even lift me up for this long." He muttered.

Harry lowered Louis carefully to his sock clad feet, his brows met in confusion. "What do you mean, love?"

The smaller boy looked down to his fingers that were playing with his sleeves, shrugging slightly. "You know... being heavy and all. You may have muscles, but I didn't think-"

"Why would you think those things, Lou? You're practically as light as a feather."

"Exactly... you said practically. But I'm not." 

"Lou... You're perfect. Why would you want to change that?"

Louis shook his head, disagreeing to the words Harry was saying. "I'm not perfect Harry. Far from it actually."

Harry didn't like this side of Louis coming out again. He wanted a happy Louis. His happy Louis.

Harry took Louis' petite hands in his, looking down at the chipped mint green nail polish on the boy's nails. 

"I'll prove to you." Harry said so softly, looking back into Louis' sparkling blue eyes. "I'll prove to you just how perfect, and how beautiful you truly are." He pressed a light, almost unnoticed kiss to the smaller boy's forehead. "That's a promise, love."

Louis closed his eyes at the feeling of the taller boy's lips on his skin. The feeling gave him small tingles, and he loved the feeling, wanting it more and more.

He sighed quietly. "That'll be a challenge, you know Harry."

"And it's a challenge I'm gladly accepting, my beautiful Lou."

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