Boyfriend Material

Brie never had a boyfriend before. It seems like a simple problem but it isn't.


11. Chapter 11

                “I literally don’t get it why people from your school fuss about this ‘Valentine’s Day Party’. This has to be the most boring party I have ever, ever been to.” Julian complained while sipping his water-based ‘cocktail’ drink.

                “Who knows? She’s just famous and I think everybody wants to brag about being invited to some popular kid’s party.” Brie said.

                “So you don’t like it?”


                “Then why did you come?” Julian asked.

                “Because of that freaking –whatever you call that!” Brie said. “I think she purposely made this party ‘for couples only’ in hopes of embarrassing me if I don’t ever show up. Ha! Jokes on her!”

                “You kinda cheated her, Brie.” Julian reminded her.

                “It doesn’t matter. She kinda cheated me by trying to embarrass me!” Brie defended.

                Julian sighed and shook his head. ‘She’s a little too immature.’ He thought. But what could he do? He chose to fall in love with this girl now he has to deal with her.

                “Ooh! There’s Debby! I’ll go talk to her.” Said Brie and before Julian could stop her she was on the other side of the room talking to a brunette lady. Once again Julian shook his head and sighed.

                He decided to step out and have some fresh air so he went to the nearest exit.

                He was alone there for a few moments until one girl came out to join him.

                “Hey there. What are you doing out here alone?” she purred. Instead of answering, he started walking back in but she grabbed his arm and stopped him. “Whoa, whoa. Snob much?” She laughed. “I’m Alexa.”

                “Nice meeting you.”  Then once again he started to walk back in but she didn’t let him go. “Don’t you have a boyfriend looking for you or something?” Julian asked now obviously annoyed.

                “Or something.” Alexa answered rolling her eyes. “It’s not like we’re serious or anything.”

                “It’s not like I was asking or anything.” Julian countered.

                She ignored his statement completely and proceeded asking him, “What’s your name?”

                “It’s none of your business.”

                “That’s a weird name. Was your mother stoned when she named you?” Alexa asked.

                “Not as stoned as when your mother tried to abort you. Unfortunately she was unsuccessful I see.” Julian said, looking her up and down.

                “Rude much?” Alexa said. “I’m just trying to be friendly here.”

                “I don’t want friends. I have enough.” He answered.

                “But I don’t.”    

                “Then find someone interested in being your friend. Which in this case, is not me.” Julian said. “Now can you please let go now?”

                “Wow, the man has manners. How cute.” She sarcastically said.

                “Well not everybody’s an egocentric bitch like you who thinks everyone’s interested in her.”

                “Ouch. That hurt.” Alexa overdramatically threw her hand on her chest. “That’s not the way to treat a lady. Did your mother not teach you well?”

                “She did. But you’re no lady.” Julian then forcefully pulled his arm free of her grip but before he could get away, she grabbed his shirt and planted a torrid kiss on his lips. He immediately pushed her away and then continued spitting on the ground for at least 2 minutes. “Bitch why can’t you understand that I don’t fucking like you.” He said while wiping his mouth.

                “That. Really. Hurts like hell!” Alexa said as she picked herself up from the ground while rubbing her hips.

                “Good for you. I hope you learned your lesson.” Julian said then went back inside.

                Alexa went inside as well and headed to a private room where Sabrina and some of her friends with their partners were.

                “You are so wrong about him, Brina. He’s not like that.” Alexa said as she threw herself into the bed and started groaning while rubbing her bruised hips.

                “What do you mean he’s not like that? He’s a manwhore, Alexa. He’ll fuck you as long as you have a vagina.” Sabrina said.

                “Well based on the big bruise on my hips, it’s not true.” She groaned more.

                “Why? What happened?” Sabrina asked only half concerned about her cousin’s constant groaning.

                “When I tried to kiss him, he pushed me so hard that I fell on the ground hips first. I think I dislocated my spine.”

                “Maybe you didn’t try hard enough.” Sabrina said.

                “Maybe you’re just an assuming bitch.” She answered. “Look, maybe he’s really in love with this Brie person and I don’t blame him. I’ve met Brie and she’s the fucking hottest female I’ve ever seen. If she didn’t have a boyfriend I probably----“

                “Alexa, your lesbian is showing.”

                “Well nobody said I was hiding it. Lesbian pride whadup!” Alexa stood up and then laid back down and groaned some more.

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