The Rose's

Two young aspiring musical artists get tangled up in one directions crazy world. Meet lily the crazy, sensitive and shy at first type. Then you've got Ella the crazy, caring and sensitive type. Follow these girls in their world of chaos and more


6. Before the concert

Ella POV

Shit I forgot about Lily's scare. When we finally got out of the elevator. I still remembered the day... I got a shiver down my spine. Why would they do that. I shook the thought out of my head. We walked down the hallway till we reached a beautiful white door. It said 1000. The last door made. Amazing. When Liam opened the door. It was pretty small. There was a small kitchen and bathroom. There were 2 beds. Wait how do they, omg dirty image get out of my fucking brain. I saw two girls on the beds. One had a make up pack and the other one were next to two clothes racks. "Hey vas happening." Lily yelled. "Sup carrot heads." I said and did a gangsta pose. "Hey those are our lines." Zayn and louis said. We both poked out our tongues at them. "Hey girls I'm Lou." The make up stylist said smiling. "Love ya hair girl." I said. "Thanks." She said smiling back. Lily rolled her eyes. "I'm carol." The clothes stylist said. "OMG lemme see my babies please." I said running to the clothes rack. "Okay Ella while you bond, I'm going to see if I can hijack something." Lily stated. I know when she said hijack she means steal/eat food or a prank. "Okay lily make sure you get those rubies and diamonds." I yelled. I heard the front door open and close. Sigh. I'm so excited to fudging get my fashionista on.

Lily POV

I'm so excited to get my food on. I ran down the hall way to the elevator. I pushed the down button. I saw the boys getting pushed out of the room by carol. Please elevator gods. It finally opened. I jumped inside and hit the ground button. I heard their footsteps coming closer. Just when they reached the corner the doors closed. I sank to the floor. Thank you elevator gods. Then the elevator binged and opened the doors. I walked out and went to the Restaurant. I went to the self serve buffet. I grabbed a plate. I put two croissants, two chocolate muffins and six rockmelons. I was just about to head out when I saw one direction heading in. I ducked underneath a table. I saw their feet stop right next to the table I was under. Shit please elevator, table, stealth gods please let me not get caught. "Where did lily go." I heard Zayn say. "I don't know but I'm hungry." Niall said running to the buffet. "Boys we better make sure he dosnt eat all of it." Liam yelled running after him. The boys followed behind. I quickly got out of my hiding spot. I fast walked to the doors. I opened it and walked to the elevator. I think I may have broken the button because I was bashing it so much for it to go up. It finally opened. I walked in. I breathed out in relief. Then I heard footsteps running. Please elevator gods. The doors closed. Yes thank you. I went down on my knees. I put the plate of food next to me. I started bowing. I started saying "thank you elevator gods so much-" I was stopped when I heard the doors opened. I then saw one direction standing there. No. "Umm lily thanks for bowing but umm why." Harry said smirking. My cheeks turned red. I grabbed my plate of food and stood up. I was standing in the corner not making eye contact. They piled in. I didn't make eye contact with any one. Please hurry up. I started bashing my head on the elevator wall. Then a hand went on my forehead to stop me from getting anymore brain damage. I looked up to see Zayn stopped me. I gave him my wtf look. "Stop we don't want for you to have a bruise for the concert." He said sternly. I rolled my eyes. When he took his hand off my head, I started to be defiant and kept bashing my head against the wall. I then got picked up. The elevator binged. Zayn started walking out the elevator. The boys were behind us laughing their asses off. I put the plate in one hand and pointed my rude finger at them. I heard Zayn knock on the door. The door opened. "Oh hey Zayn, umm why is lily on your shoulder." I heard Lou ask. "She was causing herself brain damage." I heard Zayn say while chuckling to himself. "Put her down because she needs to get ready." Lou ordered. Zayn put me down. I looks at her and smiled. I turned my head to look at the boys. I gave the my deadliest death glare. I walked in to the hotel room and slammed the door. I put the plate of food on the table. Carol picked out some white skinny jeans and a singlet with a red rose on it. She handed them to me. I heard the bathroom door open to see Ella in the same t-shirt but she has leggings and black flats on. "Wow." I whistled. "Thanks lily but your going to look better." She said squealing. I rolled my eyes and went into the bathroom. I took off my t-shirt. I looked in the mirror. I turned around and looked behind me. There was the scar about a millimetre under Neath my shoulder blades. Sigh. I quickly put on my singlet. I took of my black skinny jeans and put on the white ones. I put on the white flats that were In The bathroom. I opened the door and walked to Lou. "Okay now for your hair and make up." Lou said. OMG ACCENTS!!!!!!! I sat still on the bed. I looked over to Ella who had a bun with bits of hair coming out the front. Lou did the exact same to mine. She then put on red lipstick. A bit of golden eyeliner (Ella had silver eyeliner) and of course mascara. I got up and thanked Lou and carol for everything. "Can we come in now?" Yelled Harry. Ella looked at me and smirked. I nodded. We both walked to the door. Ella opened it creepily. "Mwhahahahaha." I said. Ella screamed a high pitched one. "Wow you girls look amazing." Niall said checking us out. "Erm okay I guess." I said shrugging. "You guys are weird." Louis said. "Thank you." Ella said curtsying and so did I. "You boys need to get ready." Yelled carol. "Girls you need to head to the limos and wait there for us." Liam said but kept his eyes locked with Ella. "Sure." I shrugged. I pushed past them. Ella was close behind. Well ain't this been an interesting day I wondered, while we headed to the elevators.

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