You left me!!!

Hi I'm Rose Johnson I'm 17 almost 18. I live in Sydney Australia. I had a best friend Luke Hemmings until he left 3 years ago with his band 5 seconds of summer they were all my friends but when they left Luke didn't even say good bye everyone else left a note saying good bye except Luke. I cried for months. I once loved a boy named Lucas Robert Hemmings but now I hate Luke Hemmings.


2. You Agin

Tara's pov:

I jumped out of bed and into the shower. I got out and put on my black skinny jeans, gray tight tee shirt tied a red and black flannel around my waist and put on my red converse. Today me and my best friend Jennifer were having a girls day. I heard a loud honk. I ran down the stars and hopped into my BFF's car. She drove us to the mall. We walked in to the mall and went towards Hot Topic. We saw a huge crowed in front of the door. I tapped a girls shoulder and asked " um what's going on here?" She said " 5sos just walked in the employs made us get out." I just turned around in shock. They were back I really wanted to see Calum Ash and Mikey but I didn't want to see Luke ever agin.i turned around and walked away Jennifer ran after me. She stopped me and said " hey what's wrong?" I said " he's in there Luke's in there." She was the only one other the my mom and dad who knew about what happened and how they left well how he left me.

Luke's pov:

I walked out of Hot Topic. We were just walking around when I bumped in to a girl and she fell dowun. I helped her up and she duster herself off. She looked up at me and looked sad . I looked at her more closely it was Tara she glared at me very harshly. I said " H-Hey Tara I've missed you." Then she replied almost crying" yea right." I grabbed her arm but she pulled away. She walked up to Calum and hugged him. She did the same thing with Mikey and ash and ignored me. I looked at her friend who gave me the 'I so want to rip your head off right now' look which scared me. Then Tara looked back at me and here eyes were full of tears. I hated seeing her hurt because of me. I had a letter that I wanted to give to her but I was to scared I poured my heart out in that letter. I said " Tara can I talk to you?" She said " 2 minutes." She walked over to me and I handed her the letter I wrote

Tara's pov:

I opens the letter Luke gave me and it said

Dear Tara,

I'm so sorry that I'm leaving. I wish I could say goodbye in person but if I did I couldn't leave. Look I love you so much. You are the love of my life and always will be but its best if I leave because you deserve more that me. I hope you fine somebody who will love you as much as I do. And if you ever see me agin just know I still love you and always will. You will always be my world and my only reason for living. Happy birthday Tara. I love you

-Love Luke

I looked up at Luke and said " do you still?" He said " more than anything." I kissed him. We both pulled away and he said " I never wanted to hurt you but I was scared to give you this."

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