Family Secrets

Amazing cover by @Brynna S/S WS


4. The Truth IIII

Andromeda stood by the fireplace in the Granger household with her suitcase by her side. As she looked around the house where she grew up she felt her eyes well with tears. It was so hard to say goodbye to all the memories that this house held. But Andromeda knew that the Malfoy's were her real family and because  of that she could at least spend some time with them before she went to stay with Harry in his new house. Andromeda held her suitcase tight as Dan touched her arm so they could Apparate to the Malfoy Manor. Before they moved June pulled her into one last hug "I may not be your mom but you are always welcome in this house Andromeda" she whispered in Andromedra's ear. She pulled away and Andromeda grabbed Dan's arm again."Thank you for everything June" Andromeda yelled as she was pulled away with Dan.Spining onto the Malfoy Manor's lawn Andromeda barely managed not to fall down on her knees  and puke. "don't worry,Andromeda most people throw up their first time Apparating" Dan stated. "I'm fine, why don't we go inside now "Andromeda exclaimed getting tired of Dan acting like they were strangers. If Dan noticed how upset she was he didn't say anything about it .Andromeda trailed behind Dan as he walked up to the manor that sat up on the hill. Dan knocked on the door like he had done it a hundred other times. Andromeda thought back to her birth certificate and considered the possibility that Dan and her father might have been friends. Andromeda was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't even notice Severus Snape standing in the doorway until she almost bumped into him while walking through the door.The professor's face seemed to drastically change when he saw Dan and Andromeda standing at the front door. He almost looked happy to see them, which almost gave Andromeda a heart attack. Andromeda was sure that no one had ever seen Professor Snape smile, and frankly it wasn't as weird as she thought it would be, it was actually kind of nice. She zoned back into the conversation to hear Snape say this "all of them are so happy that Andromeda has finally come home, Narcissa even re-decorated her old room"  the professor exclaimed sounding shocked. Dan chuckled " I'm just as shocked as you are Sev, Narcissa has never decorated a thing in her life" .  After their conversation, most of which Andromeda choose to ignore, Dan and Andromeda made it into the front hall of Malfoy Manor. Standing in the front hall were the Malfoy's looking proud and every bit the pureblood's they are. Andromedra stepped forward to meet her long lost family.

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