Almost holding hands

Extracts from a book I'll never publish.
Just paragraphs in no specific order. Always a different love story.


15. Warning

"I realized that you're much too innocent to be dealing with a sociopathic degenerate like me," he said struggling. 

Seeing she stayed quiet, he continued: 

"I guess maybe that's why I liked you initially but you're too wholesome, too pure hearted and kind. Girls like you shouldn't even be seen talking to me," he said laughing. 

"Do you want me to kill my butterflies?"

She was insecure and sad, making him ease up a little.

"I don't want you to alter yourself or your feelings if that's how you feel. I'm just warning you there's a lot of ugly beneath this charming mask."

"I'm so sorry. I should have never told you about my feelings for you."


Cupping her chin, he obliged her to look up in his eyes. The same black eyes she fell in love with, some time ago, when she first saw him. She was scared, she though he will let her go and she did not wanted that. She wanted to stay there, near him, as much as he would allow her to.

"I thought the feelings were unrequited," he simply said.

Her heart skipped a beat and she shyly smiled.

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