Almost holding hands

Extracts from a book I'll never publish.
Just paragraphs in no specific order. Always a different love story.


38. Complete.


The song washed over him, the angsty lyrics weighed heavily on the writer's mind. Reunited with his far-off beauty, he sat there in silence just smiling as he gazed at her. He reached out, his warm hand cupped her cheek, thumb sweeping along the porcelain white skin, her skin was irresistibly smooth to the touch. "Do you mind if I take you home tonight?" His bassy voice rumbled, interrupting the tranquility. He did not think they could just friends, not anymore. He was too far gone now, she had ensnared his thoughts, her cute smile haunting him, every woman's face he saw, he saw hers instead.
She melted at his touch on her skin. And his words made her go all goosebumps. She blushed and smiled at her beautiful Freckles. She didn't know what to say, she was insecure. But she wanted him. She wanted him more than anything. She could have pretend for them to be just friends, but they both knew that wasn't the case anymore. So she took a step forward and hugged him like there was no tomorrow. She had missed him all those days in which he wasn't there for her. She smiled against his chest and sang along their beautiful song. "to stay another day, if that's okay? "
"Em..." He said her name as if he were chanting the name of some mystical creature, some divine being that inspired such creations, such woven webs of stories just by being nearby, by being her. How could I think I would be okay without her? He thought as she wrapped her arms around his body, her arms trembled as she held him so tight. And roping his arms around her waist he pulled her onto his lap and held her close against his chest, resting his chin on the top of her head.
So she just sat there, happy. She didn't mind siting on his lap, she didn't care. She just sat there, happy to have him close to her. She missed him like crazy and those few days seemed ages. And that's all she wanted,she wanted him by her side. She hugged him tighter and inspired the smell of him skin, smiling.

That devilish smile was plastered across his scruffy face, he couldn't get rid of it even if he wanted to. Breathing in the scent of her hair, he planted a kiss on the top of her head and whispered as his hands groped for hers, fingers locked with hers, "Tell me baby, would you mind if I take you home with me, where no one can see..." He squeezed her hand gently, yet firmly never wanting to let go again, "so don't be shy..."
She looks up in his eyes and smiles. She surprisingly found herself smiling and blushing a lot in his presence."I think you already know the answer", she said trying to play cool, smirking but blushing like crazy.
"Do I?" He asked coyly, his thumb traced her knuckles, stroked along the back of her palm in little circles, all the while gazing down at her with molten chocolate eyes that only saw her.
She shyly nodded and smile. "I know you want to hear it from me. But I'm just too shy sometimes, Freckles".
He turned her around onto his lap so that she straddled him, front and center. He let his hands frame her adorable face, cocking his head to the side, he spoke with hushed tones, "You don't have to be with me Emmy. Not ever. I'm yours."
She smiled lovingly, looking into his beautiful eyes. She blushed again at his words that sent chills up her spine. "I may not be good enough for you. But I'll be here for you every time. I won't, ever, give up on you anymore. "
"Not good enough?" He shook his head, "I never said you weren't good enough. You're decent, kind, beautiful, clever and you bring out the best in me." His eyes locked on her lips even as she licked them, she squirmed a little but did not remove herself from the position. "I don't want you to give up on me, I want you around..being apart for that week was hell, you really became a big part of my life." He confessed, feeling heat rise to his own cheeks now.
She laugh seeing him blushing. She loved that, she loved seeing him blushing. He was more adorable, if that was possible. She just stayed there, not minding her position, and smiling as an idiot at him. "Don't give up on me either. I need you here", she said going closer to his face, planting a kiss on his cheek. "After all, what would I do without my favorite writer?"
"Weren't you listening?" he pulled her closer, tethering his arms around her waist as he smiled down at her, the feel of her kiss on his skin made his face heat up even more. Oh god I'm probably starting to look like a tomato, he groaned inwardly though enjoying it. "I couldn't last a week without you...I don't think I'll ever be able to give up on you Emilia."
He did not often use her full name, but it was beautiful, even if she did not like it. It rolled off the tongue, he loved saying it. He wished he could roll over in bed one day, look into her half asleep face and let her name fall from his lips and be carried on the wind.
"Who knows Michael, who knows" she said smiling knowing he won't like her using his full name.
"Now you're just teasing me." He playfully swatted at her butt, pulling back to smile at her, he stopped. The writer could not help himself, he closed the distance between their lips before she could utter a response, before she could hit him.

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