Grasp Onto

She was the sheriff's daughter. She was always protected, and always cared for, and with a brother like Stiles Stilinski, how could her life ever be boring? It can't. 

But it does get very dangerous. 

There's a new boy in town, and he's the bad boy. He was transferred from Bradford High to California's Boarding House in an instant heart beat. But Fae has seen this boy before, she just couldn't remember. 

Fae started to have nightmares. Horrifyingly real nightmares full of blood and gore. Stiles thinks that the mysterious boy is the cause behind all of this madness. All of her fright. 

And maybe he was right.

But all Zayn wanted was someone to grasp onto.


1. Prologue

"The wolf... It... It had one blue eye, and one red eye. It... It was howling at something, a building. It seemed like it wanted me to go in there for something, but I don't know what." Red panted, her dirty and greasy black hair sticking to her forehead and chin as she strained her words. I had never seen her in such a terrified state. She had run back with massive blue eyes, and her pace was faster than usual, even for someone who's running. My figure was kept fearless and strong, even though I myself, was frightened.

"Where did it go?" I asked in a firm, authoritative tone. It was my turn to take charge. My dad was with Stiles back at the station. I had a walky talky hooked onto the back pocket of my denim, Hollister jeans, and an earpiece in my ear that constantly got police calls, and a pocket knife stuffed into the front pocket of my jeans, but in no right mind would I ever be a deputy or a sheriff. I got a free job with free equipment because my dad is the sheriff. Downside?

No paycheck.

"It got shot... somewhere out in the woods... by Fredrick Rayson." Red spoke soft. "I think he's after me, too."

"He'll have to get past me first." I told her with a gentle hand on her shoulder before I removed its presence. Black eyes met blue ones as I looked at her. "Can you smell it out? The wolf, I mean."

Red nodded slowly. "Yes, I can. But I want you to wear the red cape... just to be safe." She said between breaths. "Red repels wolves, you know." She slid the hood off of her shoulders and slipped it from her fingers to mine. I put the coat on with ease and hooked it in the front before throwing the hood over my head.


Red slowly started to glow before her curly hair became white and spotless fur, and her feet and hands became four, clawed paws. Teeth sharpened, and face became longer. Red howled towards the gusty full moon before slowly prowling forward, nose to the grass below. When she picked up its scent, her ears perked up, and she barked once; signaling me that she had found where the wolf was hidden somewhere in the evergreen and brush.

She started walking a bit faster, and I followed suit. Red seemed apprehensive as her snout rustled through the bushes and gravel on the ground. She snorted and barked before she started running. I gasped and hastily tried to catch up.

"Red! Red wait up!" I called after her as I ran through the twigs and tree stumps. Wind ripped through my lungs with heavy pants as the training that I had got from my father flew away with the cynical crows that passed overhead.

"Red!" I gasped as I tripped over the root of a tree and face planted in the dirt. I quickly flipped my body and shimmied on my hands and feet through the brush. The hood gradually slipped off of my head to reveal the curly brown hair that I had pulled into a French braid on one side that lead down into my long hair that was let down. I cried out in pain as I quickly grasped my right wrist in agony.

I looked down to see that I twig had pierced through my flesh as I hurried across the Earth's jagged surface, and my wrist was bent at an odd angle. I hissed in agony and tilted my chin to the skies.

"Oh, sweet heavily Lord..." I cried softly as I bled out over the red pattered hood. I heard multiple, distant howls, that started coming closer...

And closer...

My eyes screwed closed and my teeth gridded together as I shook frightfully. Don't open your eyes, and you'll be okay. I heard brush moving all around me, and my eyes closed even tighter as my nose started to crinkle up.

Please... please... please...

I opened one eye to see two different eyes that I had been looking for. A blue eye... and a red eye. I gasped, and both of my eyes snapped open. I looked all around me, and there were wolves scattering the ground, all dead. This wolf saved me? Where was Red?

The wolf gently whimpered before it raised its head and howled loudly at the gusty moon. And as fast as it came, it disappeared. A trail of blood pouring from its back.

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