The Big Change *on hold*

They have left each other. But, come back together. Find out what happens in The Big Change. This is the sequel to The Big Difference. If you haven't read The Big Difference yet, please read that. Shit gets real and crazy.


17. Reunited

Shannon's pov

Breathing in I looked at my computer, looking at the words on the screen 'MMGAMING one of the biggest gaming channel, for Mikey, and Maddy their lives flipped in weeks, here they are with the hats and the masks, and there life story'  My cover channel the Michael was so fond of disappeared at the 7 month mark since I've  last seen my beautiful boyfriend. By the 9 month mark my childhood best friend and I became famous gamers on youtube, crazy shit has happened since we've last seen the boys, Beanie and Ash broke up, Ana and Niall stronger then ever, Mike and I still talking, being flirtatious, I'm not on movellas as much as I was, my home is tumbler now, I've done things like pax prime panels with markiplier and friends to videos with pewdiepie. "Mikey?" The loud voice I grew up with asked with concern, "Yes Maddy, what do you want." I, annoyed with the girl beside me. "SHANNON WERES MY MELTEASRS!!!" Shit  Ana knows I ate her melteasers (probably fucking spelled that wrong) "I.... DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT ANA" Screaming. From. The. "both of you stop screaming be for I put on My chemical romance." Maddy threatens us. I don't have a problem with it Mikey and I would sit on my roof and listen to their album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (it's a real album and it's fucking amazing) "By the way Mikey, Dan and phil need us to take over a BBC1 interview." God this is so stressful. 

*this time skip brought to you by me screaming mcr out my window*

"Hi, I'm Mikey" 

"And I'm Maddy"

"AND WERE MMGAMING" we both say to the camera, we brought Ana along she's the moral support.

"Dan and Phil couldn't be here today to do the two interviews, so they asked us,so first let's have the guys of 1D come in" shit I looked at the paper in front of my hands that are drumming or dancing on the table.

"Hi boy's how are you guys?" I have to act like I don't know them. I have my mask and pikachu hat on I should be fine.

"We're doing well, how about you young lady's?" LIAM THAT PRICK HE'S TO NICE. "Better then most days, so what's it like to be back in London?" And Maddy everyone hitting this off.

*time skip brought to you by p!atd new album*

"Next up 5sos after the break." We get the all clear, I immediately take off my hat and mask. My now black and white hair falling out from under my mask. Maddy bright ass green hair showing after taking off her hat and mask. "Shannon you phone!" Ana says walking into the room, in this moment you could cut the tension with a knife. Niall jumps up running to Ana and hugging her as tight as humanly possible. Yay loneliness.

*so many time skips*

"We're back, with the four boys of 5 hours of fall" Maddy and I both say together just because.

 Ashton's giggles fill the room at least 3 seconds after what we said. God I missed these idiots. Hell I'm wearing Michael's flannel that he gave me on my waist.

* unhealthy amount of time  skips*

Like we did with the 1D guys we took of are hats and masks. The boys look like we're fucking crazy, Mikey looks like he's going to cry, and I have to explain 'I'm a famous youtuber now, so how have you been.' Thing. "To sum things up. I've been going by Mikey since middle school and that's were my M in MMGAMING comes in. So basically I became a famous youtuber in three months and am doing a friends radio show because their both sick." Yep that's all I had to say before Mikey  basically tackled me with a hug."I. Love. You" he whispers on my sensitive skin on my neck trying not to start making out right then and there. Finally I'm with him again.








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