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7. Chapter seven


Chapter seven


Dean had gotten over the whole 'gay' thing pretty quickly. Not that he was hanging out in gay bars with Castiel, or skipping down the street with him holding hands while they looked at each other adoringly, but he had stopped using the word 'gay' in such a derogatory fashion, which had Sam relieved, and the whole hand-holding thing, minus the skipping, was a comfortable intimacy that he found he enjoyed greatly, even when they were in public.

This didn't mean he actually considered himself gay though. He still caught himself, guiltily, checking out hot babes once in awhile, and when he watched porn (though that is required less and less lately), it was still the hetero kind, or even lesbians. And he certainly wasn't giving any men a second glance, even if he caught them looking at him. Which, he isn't sure if he's giving off some kind of new gay vibe, or he just never noticed getting checked out by men before.

Most importantly, he decided he didn't care anymore and will just continue loving Castiel, no matter what that made him.

And yes, it was love, he often admitted to himself, and sometimes even to Castiel, which made the angel smile, and warm up, and then smother Dean with affection, love and some inappropriate touching, which Dean no longer found at all inappropriate.

He also realized that a few months ago, as each date he had with Castiel moved further and further, and he let Castiel love him, as he'd requested, and Dean, first awkward in that glow of love, soon came to bask in it, missing it when it was gone, and longing for it. He found the hand holding comfortable, the light kisses warm, the heavier kisses warmer. And finally, he lived up to Castiel's expectations for him, and he returned the intense love that Castiel had discovered, thanks to a few devoted and perverted fans.

So after Dean kissed Castiel that first time, on their second actually real date, even though it had been the most innocent and chaste of kisses, it had opened a door that he could not, and honestly did not, want to close.

Which is why after a well-done hunt, he was grinding with an angel in a cheap motel room, with a sock on the outside door handle, groaning and panting from the pressure of the angel squeezed between his thighs, and soaking the inside of his shorts with precum hearing the hot, erotic noises coming out of Castiel's mouth.

The hot noises, along with Castiel's hot, wet breath, were puffed out against Dean's ear as Castiel clung to him, grinding his own erection against Dean's through their clothing, rutting against him, seeking out that pleasure on top of the hunter. He gasped and panted and sometimes he even mewled, a high whining sound that made Dean's gut clench and his cock throb, pushing him closer to the edge.

Dean's hands fumbled around to Castiel's head, maneuvered him, and claimed his mouth, kissing him hard and wet and hot and swallowing all the noises spilling from his lips. His hands moved lower, skimming over Castiel's narrow back, burning hot through the thin white dress shirt he still wore. Dean's hands moved lower, gliding down past the angel's belt, ghosting over his butt, and then grabbing him. Castiel jerked and gasped into Dean's mouth. Dean grabbed him again, squeezing the round, tight globes of Castiel's ass, and then started grinding him, pulling him closer and harder with his leverage.

Castiel keened with delight into Dean's mouth, pulled back, sought more, grabbed Dean's lower lip between his teeth and worried it, not too gently, and then finally, his body went stiff and shuddered. His hips jerked a few times, and then slowed, rolling gently against Dean's hips, against the other man's still hard cock. He looked up at Dean, catching his eye with a hazy, lusty look, and then licked at Dean's lower lip, sucking on it gently.

Dean groaned and felt himself go off, his body spasming beneath Castiel's lighter weight, trying to buck him, even as Dean held him close, unable and unwilling to let him go. Not just yet.

And that was how they spent most of their evenings. And afternoons. Sometimes in the morning, too. And really, anywhere and anytime that Sam wasn't around to get embarrassed and run out of the room.

In just two months, Dean had shown Castiel all sorts of pleasure and delights that he could feel with his body, with another person. Everything but, that is. Because now Castiel was an 'everything but virgin', meaning, they'd done everything but the last final deed. That last touch of blasphemy and sin that got preempted by some other lewd and delightful trick Dean had learned from his years on the road with waitresses, bartenders, and strippers.

And it wasn't that Dean didn't want to go all the way with Castiel. He had already tried a few times, his hands groping around Castiel's body, getting the angel hot and bothered and needy, kissing him, rubbing his cock, and then sneakily sliding one hand toward the back, sliding down into Castiel's underwear, getting so far as fingering the tight, warm crease, before his hand was pulled away roughly, and he suddenly had a lap full of blushing and embarrassed angel.

"Not yet," Castiel would mumble, all awkward and adorable, so Dean couldn't argue with him. He would instead just kiss Castiel and show him some other way to get off that wasn't technically sex. It was kind of fun, and certainly was getting Dean's creative juices flowing, to see just what Castiel would let him do, besides the big and final penetration.

Initially anyway. But after two months, it was getting a little frustrating that he couldn't have sex with his boyfriend.


Each morning, Dean would go into Sam's motel room so they could meet up for breakfast. After three nights in a row of Sam coming back to their room to find a sock on the doorknob, and getting tired of sleeping in the Impala, Sam had started automatically getting two motel rooms, even when Castiel wasn't around. This part being because there had also been more than one occasion when Sam had woken up in the night to discover Castiel had suddenly appeared and was doing noisy things with Dean in the bathroom. The fact that they had been considerate enough not to do it in the bed right next to him was apparently not good enough.

They'd just finished a job the night before, taking out a small family of ghouls, which had led to Dean being slightly injured, Castiel healing him, and then, grateful that Dean was still alive, had pounced on him for that hot and hard humping session on the bed.

Sam was giving Dean the stink eye, which probably meant he'd heard them the night before. Well, that's what he deserved for getting two rooms next to each other.

"Find any new jobs?" Dean asked, glancing at the newspapers Sam had in one hand, the red marker in his other hand.

"Maybe vampires in Missouri or a haunting in Wyoming. I'm looking for something closer."

"Mm, yeah. Hey, have you talked to Cas recently?" Dean asked, his eyes glued to the table.

"I'm not allowed to talk to Cas anymore," Sam said, looking over the top of his paper to give his brother a teasing smile. "Why, is there trouble in paradise? Do you actually want to talk about your feelings?"

Dean fidgeted in his seat. He didn't want to talk about his feelings. Especially not with Sam. But he did need some sort of outside view. And it'd be really hard to call into the Dr. Drew show and ask about his reticent angel boyfriend.

"It's about Cas. He won't... you know..." Dean made an obscene hand gesture.

"Then what the hell were you two screaming about last night?" Sam asked, looking put out that his beauty rest had been interrupted by their obnoxiously loud carnal adventures.

"We do... other stuff," Dean said evasively, not wanting to go into too much graphic detail with his brother.

"That is definitely something you need to talk to Cas about," Sam said. He turned back to his newspapers. For once, he didn't want to talk about Dean's feelings.

Dean made a long suffering groan. The only thing worse then talking about his feelings with Sam, would be talking about his feelings with Castiel. At least Sam was straightforward. Castiel was awkward and didn't understand anything.

"Can't you talk to him first? You gave him good advice before."

"I am not asking an angel of the Lord why he doesn't want to have buttsex with my brother," Sam said sternly, giving Dean his best bitchface.

Dean had to laugh because he made Sam say 'buttsex' but it quickly faded when he realized that he was still left having to confront Castiel about the 'everything but' virginity thing so that he could finally pop his cherry.

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