Beauty and The Beast (HS)

A young Prince has to learn how to love, against the wishes of an enchantress.To punish the young Prince, she turned him into a hideous beast. She gave him a magic mirror and an enchanted rose, telling him it wouldn't bloom until his twenty-first year. To break the spell, he must love a young maiden and earn that maiden's love in return before the last petal to fall. All he needs to do is find girl who loves him despite his appearance!


3. Chapter 2

Beauty and The Beast

Chapter 2


Everything goes fine, but poor Channing gets lost...


Channing P.O.V

I can't believe that I get lost and I found two paths. One of them had clear the forest and other side had a bleak, misty forest, but I go to a bleak forest.

Then I heard growling and snarling sound as I stopped the car. I saw many yellow eyes staring out of the darkness. It was wolves! I drove away quickly as I could.

I was stupid! I shouldn't go there. I looked my back to see there had many wolves. I looked on the road and my back at same times.

I looked my back for last times to see there had nothing. Phew! I looked back at the road.

"Whoa!" I shout.

Because it was the end of the road and the car is in the middle of the cliff. I sigh.

"Stupid me!" I slapped my forehead with my hand. 

The car moved and I got out quickly as I could before it moved again. I was on the ground as the car fell down. I sigh sadly. Then I heard howling.

Oh no! It means more wolves come to me. I was terrified, I ran through the forest with the wolves racing behind me. When I saw a tall heavy gate, I decide to get myself in.

I slamming the gate on the wolf whose sharp teeth snapped at my leg. With that, I stood up and turned to see a huge, forbidding castle. I walked to the big door and bang hard on the door.

"Hello! Is anyone in there?!" I shout.

The door opened itself and I get inside the darker castle. Just perfect times, it was raining outside when I enter the castle.

"Hello? I’ve lost my car on my way to work and I need a place to stay for the night." I walked past these household objects.

"Of course, sir! You are welcome here!" A voice says.

I whirled around. There was no one in sight! I wonder who this could be.

"Don't saying something." Another voice says.

"Is anyone there?" I say.

I turned around.

"Down there!" Same voice calls me sir.

I looked down and saw a mantel clock with a stern, frowning face. Beside him stood a smiling candelabra! I grabbed the clock with my hand and examined it.

"This is impossible. Why- You’re alive!" I shutter.

"Anything is impossible, sir. Oh, Where is my manner? My name is Liam." A talking candelabra says.

"And that mantel clock... Over here." He points at the mantle clock.

"That's Niall." He continues.

"Please, I need a place to stay." I looked at Niall. 

"Yes! You need to g- Put me down next to Liam!" Niall begs.

I put Niall down on the same table, next to Liam.

"Well... I-" Liam interrupted Niall.

Liam jumped on the floor and walked to me.

"Come on, I will show you and get you to the fireplace." Liam walked into the drawing room.

"No fireplace!" Niall paused.

I followed him and Liam gets me a big chair. 

"That's the master's chairs." Niall paused.

A tray with wheel interrupted him, just come to me. I met a friendly teapot.

"Here! Have a nice warm tea." Teapot put water in a cup.

I pick it up and drink it, but it just giggles.

"It's tickle!" A child says.

I pulled a cup away and see it alive.

"Oh! Hello!" I say.

I put it on the tray next to teapot.

"Oh! My manner... My name is Miss Chrissy and this is my daughter, Marie." 

"Hello!" I say.

Suddenly, the door flew open. 

"There’s a stranger here!" A voice boomed. 

I just jumped out of my chair when the door flew open. 

"I just explain to them and they won't listen to m-," Niall says with fear voice.

A person growing loud as what you'd think.

"You see, that man gets lost, your majesty. But you nee-" Liam says with fear voice.

A person growing louder. I feel like my body got shaking by big loud footsteps and I turned left to see nobody there.

But to my right, it is in the shadows lurked a large, hulking figure.

I jumped out of my chair and was shocked to see this figure. Why? It's The Beast

"What are you doing here?!" He raises his voice.

"Please... I need a place to stay..." I shutter.

The Beast grabbed me to pulled me up.

"Don't eat me!" I shout with fear voice.

"I’ll give you a place to stay!"

With that, he dragged me out of the room and throw me to prison cell room.

"You stay here forever!" The Beast says.

I was lonely... I sigh sadly.


Where do I need my daughter?



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