Finally, a ginger! Sort of...

Elijah has never set foot outside of her city, but when a big blue box appears randomly, she's suddenly finding herself in places she'd never dreamt of.


1. The start of a beautiful friendship

A blue box appeared in a dank alleyway, a slight glow coming from it as someone stepped out, wearing a leather jacket, with a metal object in hand. The object's hue was a swirling mixture of blue and silver.

I stood there, astonished by this. "Who are you?" I asked the man as he began walking off as if nothing had happened.

"Oh, you saw all that, didn't you?" He responded.

I nodded slowly, giving him a look that held confusion.

He thought for a moment and turned towards me, extending a hand. "Care to join me?" He asked, wiggling his fingers. 

"And where would we be going?" I asked cautiously as my own fingers twitched to reach for the unknown adventure. 

"Oh, I don't know. Where would you like to go?" He asked, pulling his hand back to his side as he spoke.

"We could go anywhere?" I made sure, biting down on my bottom lip nervously.

He nodded quickly, "anywhere and any time."

"Any time?" I was confused, "you can travel through time?"

He grinned, his large ears somehow sticking out even more, if that were possible. "Fantastic, isn't it?" 

I thought about it, and when I say I thought about it, I mean I really thought about it. I decided where and when I wished to go. "So anywhere and any time? We could go to space, even?" I assured myself as he became angry. 

"How many times does it take to get this through your head?! We can go anywhere you want, at any time, through earth, space and any other place in between!" He shouted suddenly, startling me. 

"I know where I want to go, and when." I said, and added the last as an afterthought.

"Alrighty, where to?" He asked, opening one of the vibrant blue doors to the police box. 

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