The locker boyfriend

(So this story is about a girl named Bonny she moved from New York to London and she and niall fell in love btw one direction in this story are not famous they are just normal gays in high school,, hope you like it comment+likes+ favorite this store if u like it) !!read it please!! My first movella didn't turn to be good and this is my second movella and I hope it's a lot better than the first one and thank you comment+ likes= happy�� read it and tell me about it



Friday is here finally,, I started getting ready for school.


Ashley told me that we are going at 8 today "I'am so exited" I said "Ashley I'am gonna tell u a secret" "spill it" she said " I have a crush on niall" "really,I'm so happy that u have a crush on him" "but don't tell anybody" I said "OK" she said

Later in school,, I'am going to the class follow me when u done" Ashley said to me " ok, I was going to bring my books",,, will I was getting my books I heard a sound someone falling down!! It was niall so I jumped to help him "did u get hurt " I asked him "no" he said I helped him stand than he told me " you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen" I blushed and said"thanks" than we both went to the class than I went and set beside Ashley and told her what happend. And Niall kept looking at me tell the end of the class. And I was blushing every time he looks at me.

At 8:00

I was expecting Ashley and Harry to pick me up than the bell ring, t opened the door to see NIALL "are you ready" he said what r u doing here and where is Harry and Ashley? I asked " I told them that I'am gonna pick u up, what aren't you happy do u want me to go?" He said "No, I just didn't expect you to come here" than we went to his car and while we were in the car we didn't talk too much I was little bit nervous this is the first time to me to be with niall alone.

Than we met up with the guys in front the theater,, harry picked the movie it was " if I stay" Harry really loves romantic movies,, it was one of the most romantic movies ever I set beside Niall and Ashley beside Harry and Zayn with his girlfriend Perrie and Louis with Eleanor and Liam with Sophia.

Ashley was planing to let me sit beside Niall,, so after the movie we went nandos to eat dinner,when we finished niall told me c'mon I'm you're ride,,I said ok c'mon. ,,in the car we just talked about the movie, when we arrived to my house he opened the car door and he walked with me to the house door,,then I was gonna give him a goodbye hug but he lined closer to me and kissed me; it was a perfect kiss. Than I ran into the house and immediately called Ashley and told her about the kiss she was so happy for me "first I thought I was gonna be a good friend with Ashley but now I know we are gonna be BFF's I'm happy to have a friend like her"

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