Different Juniors (A Cleveland Show Fanfic)

Cleveland Brown and his son are very different. Cleveland Junior is a troubled teen who many problems, but his father thinks they're just lazy excuses and thinks he needs to get his act together, but his son either can't or doesn't want to. So Cleveland forces him to change and his son does change, but how long will it last for? And what trouble lies in for Cleveland?
Meanwhile, desperate for fame and admiration, Roberta Tubbs volunteers for a sea trekking mission and finds a sea monster. But will she get all she wants and will she has second thoughts?


3. Part Three

Donna helped Cleveland up.
   “What the hell was that for?” asked Cleveland, glaring at Junior.
   “For bullying me!” yelled Junior, as he punched his dad ten more times. “For not loving and accepting who and what I am! And for never letting me watch more episodes of Sesame Street!”
   Poor weak Cleveland ran from him and hid behind the sofa in fear.
   “Now stay away from me and out of my damn (bleep) life!” warned Junior, before he marched out of the house.
   “Boy, he’s going crazier than the Hulk!” said Cleveland.


There was the time when the Hulk barged in a supermarket roaring his head off and helped himself to all the beer, the sweets and everything that was in the supermarket.
   When he had everything he wanted (which was everything in the shop), the Hulk walked out.
   The manager walked in front of him. “That'll be $2.6 billion, sir,” he told him
   The Hulk picked the manager up from the shirt. “Send the bill to General Ross!” the Hulk told him, before throwing him back inside the supermarket. With that, he was gone.

Meanwhile, the Milk Jug docked at the Stoolbend Docks. Captain Puggen was greeted by a crowd of photographers and reporters.
   “Thank you, thank you,” smiled Puggen. “Today, I present to you a creature unlike anything the world has ever seen before. And I’m not talking about giant squids or krakens or that monster that swallowed R2-D2 on Dagobah. Behold!”
   Roberta used all her strength to pull the creature in her cage out to the public. Everyone was stunned, yet amazed and impressed. Then everyone gathered around Puggen and asked him lots of questions.
   “Ladies, gentlemen, I will take your questions at Stoolbend Aquarium and then we will celebrate over drinks and then I can meet a few girls... in a private room.” He walked to the cage. “I’ll take that, Roberta.” He pushed the cage. “I call this creature the Puggen monster from the Puggen Reef that I just discovered today.”
   Roberta was shocked. “But you promised the monster and the reef would be named after me!”
   But nobody heard her, as they followed Puggen into the Aquarium with the monster.
   But Roberta did not feel like giving up. “You won’t get away with this, not like how I get away with cheating with my good lucks!”
   The clip was about to roll when Roberta shot up in front of the screen. “Don’t roll it!”
   At the Stoolbend Aquarium, the press was asking Puggen a lot of questions. Roberta was standing near the tank the monster was in with her arms crossed.
   “You do all the work and your boss gets all the credit for it, right?” asked a child voice.
   “Yeah, I know,” said Roberta. “It is just so un – What?” She turned to the tank. “Can you talk?”
   “Shh!” Roberta could hear a voice, but she couldn’t see any part of the body move let alone its mouth. “You can hear my voice.”
   “What do you want?” asked Roberta.
   “What do you think?” asked the monster.
   “You want to be free in the sea again?” asked Roberta.
   “Do you want me to be free and feel like you’ve done something good or do you want me to be trapped and let your captain get all the glory for all the work you’ve done?”
   “Oh, I’m pretty sure he’ll include me in his speech,” said Roberta, running off.


Cleveland was worried. Only now did he realise what he had done to his own blood son.
   “What have I done, Donna?” Cleveland sighed. “I’m sorry.”
   “Don’t tell me you’re sorry!” snapped an angry Donna. “Tell him you’re sorry and tell everyone that he had hurt or probably killed that you’re sorry.”
   “What?” Cleveland exclaimed.
   Cleveland ran outside and saw Stoolbend in ruins, smoke and red skies.
   “Oh, my God!” he cried, as he started running to the town.


It wasn’t long before he reached the heart of the town. He saw people lying on the floor and buildings destroyed. He couldn’t believe what his own son had caused and it was all because of him.
   “Oh, what have I done?” he asked.
   “And so, Angus, the accused has finally revealed himself,” said Gordy in a nearly-destroyed radio station where Cleveland was standing outside of.
   Angus was heavily bruised in the face and Gordy had two broken arms.
   “How do you plead?” asked Angus.
   “Guilty,” admitted Cleveland.
Angus and Gordy looked at each other and nodded.
   “Well, we must leave Stoolbend and look for another radio station while Cleveland here meets his doom,” said Angus. “Come on, Gordy!” They walked out.
   “Doom? What doom?” asked Cleveland.
   “This doom!” Cleveland turned around to see Junior standing behind him. He had a baseball bat in his hand and came running towards him.
   “Look, Junior, I am sorry,” said Cleveland, running away from him. “I’m sorry I upset you, but you must understand that I was only trying to help you.”
   “I was doing what you taught me!” shouted Junior. “I was getting revenge on all the bullies that have ever picked on me and when I did, the police came after me and I beat them up to. I beat the entire Stoolbend Police Squadron and the entire Quahog Police Squardon, including Mr. Swanson!”
   “What?” exclaimed Cleveland.
   “He’s right, Cleveland!” Cleveland stopped and turned around to Joe Swanson trapped under a Police helicopter. “Tell Bonnie and Suzy...” Then Joe closed his eyes.
   “No!” Then Cleveland bumped into a wall behind him and he picked up a piece of scaffolding he saw on the ground. He saw Junior coming towards him. His muscular son tried to whack him with his baseball bat, but Cleveland angrily jumped onto Junior, pushed him down onto the ground and started hitting him with the scaffolding in his son’s face.
   “That’s for destroying my town!” Cleveland shouted, hitting his son. “That’s for never being the son I wanted!” He hit him again. “That’s for trying to kill me!” He hit him again. “And this is for making my life a (bleep) hell!” He went for hitting him again, but then he slowly stopped!
   As he looked in his son’s eyes, he saw all the time – the good times – he and Junior had spent together from the moment he came out of Loretta’s womb to the last baseball game they went to before the whole episode started.
   Cleveland went on his knees and started crying. “I’m sorry, Junior!” he sobbed. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry that I forgot how much I loved you!”
   Then something hit his head. He looked up to see the roof of the building that they were in was coming down. Cleveland picked his son up and tried to walk out, but the roof blocked their escape route and they were trapped under.
   “Help!” cried Cleveland. “Help!”


Outside the building, Donna and Rallo were running.
   “Cleveland? Cleveland?” cried Donna.
   “Where are you, Chubbs?” shouted Rallo.
   “What’s happening?” asked Roberta, who arrived on scene.
   “Cleveland and Junior have been in a fight and we don’t know where they are!” yelled a panicking Donna.
   “Help! Help!” cried Cleveland's voice. They all turned to see the falling building. They all ran to it.
   “Cleveland, is that you?” shouted Donna.
   “Yes!” Cleveland shouted back. “Donna, if I don’t make it, I’ve finally found the lost love in my own son.”
   “Who’s he dating?” asked Rallo.
   “No!” snapped Cleveland. “I never realised how much I loved him until at the very end.”
   “Cleveland, don’t say you won’t make it!” shouted Donna.
   “Even if you dialled 911, it’ll be too late! Goodbye, Donna! Goodbye, kids!” Then everyone heard Cleveland’s screams as the roof came down.
   “What are we to do?” sobbed Donna on her knees.
   “We need Superman!” cried Rallo.
   “Or any fictitious magical creature...”
   Then Donna saw her oldest daughter run off. “Where are you going?” she yelled.


Roberta ran back to the Aquarium, where Puggen was still distracted by the press. She ran to the monster. “Do you have any magic powers to change the past?”
   “Why should I help you?” asked the creature.
   “Because if you help me, I’ll help you get back in the sea,” promised Roberta.
   “I can only help you if it’s kind and good,” the creature told her. “Not for your own greed, like getting rich or getting Oscars and Emmys or trying to be more famous than Rirhanna, Gladys Knight or Elvis.”
   Now Roberta didn’t know what to say or think. Then she found herself on top of a rock! She saw her mom and Rallo and Cleveland unhurt and a fat Cleveland Brown Jr. with his glasses on.
   “Am I dreaming?” asked Roberta.
   “No, Roberta, you’re not dreaming,” said the monster’s voice. Roberta turned to see the monster standing behind her. “You’re back in time before this episode began; before Junior got picked on by that school thug at the beginning.”
   Everyone looked at Junior – the short, fat, wearing-glasses type Junior. “Yea!” he cried.
   “But why have you brought us back in time?” asked Cleveland.
   “So you have the chance to start again and not make the same mistakes now you have the knowledge and the experience,” said the monster.
   “So you could have done it much sooner?” asked Donna.
   “Not without you realising what you had done wrong,” said the monster. “Cleveland, you know that you can’t change your son so you have to accept him for who he is. But, Junior, you know what your father goes through so you have to try to help him too.”
   Cleveland and Junior looked at each other, smiled and hugged, agreeing.
   “You, Roberta!” said the monster. “You thought of two selfless thoughts: One about your family and about me. How do you feel?”
   “I feel... good,” Roberta admitted. “I feel like I’ve achieved something. And I feel like I’m gonna kick Mother Teresa’s ass.”
   “That’s very… humble of you,” said the monster. “Now, Donna, you must learn to let bygones be bygones.”
   “I know that already!” protested Donna.
   “Hey, what about little old me?” Rallo demanded. “Or should I say, ‘Hey, what about little young me’?”
   “You, Rallo?” said the monster. “You need to... grow up!”
   “Ha, ha, very funny!” said Rallo sarcastically.
   “Now if you will excuse me, I must return to feed my thirty-four children and my sixty-eight grandchildren,” said the monster. “Goodbye.” And, with that, she dived in and was gone.
   “She sounds young for a grandmother,” thought Cleveland.
   The credits started to roll.
   “Wait! Wait!” screamed Cleveland. The screen went to back to Cleveland and his family stuck on a rock. “Is that how this episode ends?” he asked. “Does anyone want to see us get back to our home safely?”
   “Oh, Cleveland, that would be boring,” said Donna. “Let’s pretend we’re stranded, for excitement’s sake, and we’ll back in time for next week’s episode.”
   “Oh, okay,” smiled Cleveland. “But let’s go crazy while screaming for help.”
   And that’s what the family did; the first thing the family had done together for a long while.
   Then the credits rolled.

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