His Soul(Daryl Dixon Love Story Fanfiction/TWD)

Soulara was always the independent, open minded girl. After the apocalypse hit she managed to survive for a pretty long time with her brother and best friend. During a tragic occurrence Soul and the guys come across a group of survivors. With a little morale still left in them, they decided to take the group in with them, providing them with a shelter. Soul, being the tough and stubborn girl she is, goes head to head with an equally stubborn man, Daryl Dixon. Even though they try to avoid dramas they can’t help but create small ones.
Unknown, and clueless they grow on each other. Soul had never felt the way she is, nor have Daryl. But it isn’t easy having what they have in a world where walkers are ready to tear you open. Being stubborn doesn’t help it either. Not admitting their soft spots for each other, baffled, one wrong move can shatter everything.


6. Sixth

I finished bathing after 15 minutes and emptied the tub, draining the cold, red mixture of blood and water. I dried off and wrapped the fresh towel around my body. I stood infront of the counter mirror and searched through the drawers till I found a clean brush. I looked up at the reflection of myself. My piercing blue eyes were a little red but not puffy as i had ran out of tears within a minute of crying. I wet my hands a little from the basin tap and ran my fingers through my shoulder length hair so that they would look fresh but not drenched in water. I brushed my hair carefully, untangling it and side swept my bangs. They somehow always managed to stay in the same position despite the lack of hairspray, for which i was very grateful. I put on my fresh clothes and swung my towel on my shoulder before picking up my previous outfit and sniffing the candles off. I made my way to my bedroom. As i was about the enter the room I noticed that the door was already opened. 
I slowly but steadily gaped the door and peaked my head inside to see who it was. A man wearing a sleeveless gray shirt stood in the middle of the room. His arms were moderately muscled. I sighted a little when I recognized the man and walked into the room. Daryl was looking at the bunk bed that was on the right side. Matt’s bag and things were still laying there and I could tell Daryl felt uncomfortable moving them. “You gonna take the upper bunk or the lower bunk ?” I asked pulling my cuff bracelet on again. Daryl jumped a bit not realizing i was there. “uhm....upper” he replied. I nodded and started pulling on my beanie. “Whose gonna take the lower bunk ?” I asked readjusting my beanie.
“Glenn” he simply stated. I nodded and him. 
“Are they back yet ?” 
Daryl shook his head lightly, his eyes fixed upon me. 
“I’ll clean out the bunk, you can go and take a bath or something” I said, walking towards him. “Rick’s gonna bring my clothes” He said and sat down on the little cushion table as I started packing Matt’s stuff in his bag. The air in the room turned awkward as i felt Daryl’s eyes on me, watching my every move. The numbness i was feeling all day turned into annoyance. He had been staring at me from the very moment we met and it was getting creepy. I somehow knew he wouldn’t hurt me but that still didn’t change the fact that this was extremely annoying. I couldn’t take it any more.
“You wanna do me or what ?” I asked turning around finally confronting him. He looked at me with a shocked expression as his mouth parted a bit. “Wha’??” he finally asked “You keep staring at me. It’s creepy AND annoying” I said annoyance clear in my voice. He looked a bit embarrassed, though it was only for a split second. Anger soon masked his face as he stood up with a jolt “I have other things to do instead of staring at yer face. You don’t deserve my time” He screamed out and started stalking towards me. My face stayed emotionless throughout his little lash out. “If your time and attention is as precious as you say it is, why were you staring at me” I said. By the end of the sentence i was standing right in front of him, only an inch or two of space was left between us. “You damn bitch ! What do you---” he was about to lash out again when I cut him off my slamming my fisted palm into his chest. A red checked shirt and black jeans were clenched into it. The pair attire belonged to Matt but i was sure it would easily fit Daryl. His gaze shifted from my face to my hand and then back to my face. 
“Go and take a shower.You stink” I squinted my eyes at him as i said so. 
“You lil’--” he said but i once again cut him off “I’m sure it’ll fit you” and stepped away from him. 
I picked up Matt’s bag and placed it on my top bunk. Daryl was about to walk out again. “Hey” I called out and he turned around with the same annoying expression he previously had. “ i almost forgot” I said and tossed him a fresh towel and my lighter. “You might not wanna wet your hair. Don’t wanna catch a cold do you ?” I said and sat down on the bed starting to tie up my converse. He looked at me for a second before leaving the room. After I finished tying up my converse I placed Matt’s backpack on my lap and started digging through it. 

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