Saved By Them

When Cara wake up,she doesn't know where she is,why there's an IV in her arm who are all these strange boys and why these a death cut on her side. Will she survive?


1. Preface

It was pitch black, I couldn't see anything. My eyes flickered at the bright light standing above me.

Where was I?

A hospital?

I look down at myself and I see an IV in my left arm. I take the IV out and tried get up..but the tinniest movement and I scream.

The pain was something I have never felt before, the inside of me was burning from inside out! I was dying I knew it from the pain, i was in so much pain i didn't even notice the man that ran inside.

My vision was blurry but could see his deep brown eyes. "Stop moving your only making it worst!" He yelled at me.

All of a sudden another guy came into the room, he was way stronger then the other guy he took my shoulders and pinned me to the bed.

I scream at the top of my lungs, his grip loosened up a little but was still to strong for me to move I had to go, the pain was unbearable, I wanted to die I couldn't take the pain! Before I new it the other guy had a needle in my arm and I fated into darkness, hoping I was died so I couldn't feel that pain again.

Hey everyone!! Omg my first book thingy!! I'm so excited I really hope you like it!! 2 likes for an update?!!!

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