The Green Haired Boy

This is my first fanfic so i understand if u dont liek it cuz im terrible at writing story's, but i will try my best, ✌️


10. Chapter 9

"Well my name is Calum Hood, i play the bass, i sing, i love the same bands as you, and im an angel." Calum says, fiddling with his fingers. "So what are we going to do today mikey?" I ask poking his arm. "I dont know babe, maybe we could go to the park, if these guys could maybe put their wings away and theor halo too! Its not that hard.... I do it all day." He says. "Yea but they are so cool!!!!" Ashton whines pouting his lip. "Oh shut up ashton u can have them when u get back home or whatever, oh or we could take u to heaven and show u around! But we would have to get fake wings and a halo, i know the bellhop type of guy that u see once u die, he has all the wings and halos and all that, he gives them to u when u die, he could do me a favor, he does all the time." Michael says turning towards me when he starts talking about taking me to heaven, i started to think he was going to kill me, so we can go up there, he had a really crazy looking smirk on his face, i backed up a bit and said "well how am i going to get up there in the first place?" Biting my lip. "Well, we could give the bellhop guy a call and tell him to open the portal to just you. Oh by the way his name is Andy Biersack. He is a really cool guy." Mikey says and i let out a sigh, relived he wont have to kill me. " can u please call now! I really wanna go!" I say pouting my lip. " okay, okay i will!" He gets out his phone and waits for him to pick up. "Hello? Is this Andy?" "Hey dude can u do me a favor?" "Oh shut up i do u favors all the time!" "Anyways, my friend, Amara, she wants to come up into heaven, but we need u to open the portal up for her, and give her a halo and wings." "Thanks man- yea i will do u a favor some other time, text me when the portal is open. Bye" then he hangs up. "Ok so he said he will open up the portal for u!" He says closing his phone.

Im so sorry its so short i have been busy again, of course and feel bad for not updating in a while, btw i know 5sos have nothing to do with black veil brides, or andy biersack, i just wanted to get a few different types of bands in here, i love bvb, and if any of u listen to bvb plz tell me i really want a friend who loves bvb too, so yea comment, fan me, favourite, and all that snazzy shiz.

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