The Green Haired Boy

This is my first fanfic so i understand if u dont liek it cuz im terrible at writing story's, but i will try my best, ✌️


9. chapter 8

When i walked into the living room, i saw an angel! Full on wings, halo, he had long curly brownish hair, with a bit of blonde, huge muscles, hazel eyes, and just beautiful. I just stare at him in awe, he was just sitting on the couch on his phone. I yell to michael "BABE! WHY IS THIS GUY IN OUR HOUSE?" And he responds "hes my friend, his name is ashton." Walki ginto the room. Ashton notices me and says "hey, im ashton, call me ash." Putting out his hand for me to shake and i shake it, his hands are so soft but strong grip. "Hey im Amara King, yes, my last name is king, make fun of me all you want." I say and sigh. I hate my last name, everyone always makes fun of me about it. "Oh, i dont think its that bad, its just a name, your name is beautiful, by the way, why arent you freaking out? Im an angel, i have my wings and my halo out and on. Most people freak out when they see me." He says looking at me confused. "Oh i know michaels an angel, and i figured ur his angel friend and ur angels together." I say. "Oh, well wanna get to know eachother? Im not trying to hook up with you but just to be friends." Ash says fiddling with his thumbs. "Ok well im Amara King, i play cello, i dance, i have one best friend, her name is felicity, her nickname is lissy. I love a lot of bands like black veil brides, all time low, greenday, metallica, slayer, iron maiden, judas priest, ect." I say walking to the couch and sutting down. "Ok well im ashton irwin i play the drums, i dont dance, i have lots of bestfriends, their names are luke, calum and michael, the michael that you are dating. And i love almost all of those bands you like." He said smiling. "Ok well im gunna go take a shower and stuff." I say about to go upstairs but i get stopped by michael saying "but the waffles are done, dont want them to be cold.". "Ok i will eat then go take a shower. Ashton wanna eat with us?" I ask going to the dining room. "Sure!" He says following behind me and michael.

**after breakfast and shower**

We were talking about random things like kangaroos and games. "Oh by the way two other friends will be here soon." Michael said. I cant wait to meet them, i wonder if they are angels too. "Ok, are they angels too?" I ask taking a drink from my soda. "Yea they are." Mikey said. "Ok cool." I said as someone knocks on the door. "Ill go get it." Mikey said getting up off the couch. "Hi im Luke, thats Calum, he is an idiot." A tall blonde boy said pointing to a black and blonde highlighted haired boy with chubby cheeks, he looks like a cuddly bear. "Hi im Amara, if u dont know im michaels girlfriend so dont u dare try anything, i will slap u across the face and you will be left with a bruise, just saying." I say snapping my fingers in a Z. "Wow fiesty, are we?" Luke says laughing a bit, showing his dimples. "Yes. Yes i am. Get used to me blonde boy!" I say as michael sits on the couch, same with calum, and luke is left to sit on the floor. "So, let me introduce myself, my name is Amara King, i love music, i play cello, i dance, i listen too greenday, all time low, black veil brides, slipknot btw im not a juggalo, never in my life they are the most insane people ever, anyways, one direction, ect. I could go on forever with the bands, but im saving time. Tell me about you, luke." I say trying to count all the bands on my fingers. "Ok well my name is luke hemmings, i love music too, same type of bands, i play guitat and sing, i dont dance, im an angel, i think thats it, calum tell her about your crazy self." He says playfully punching calum on the leg.

Hey i will be updating randomly, just so u kno and im trying to work on this is much as possible, but im going back to school soon so it will be harder, i have been working on this every chance i get during spring break.

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