The Green Haired Boy

This is my first fanfic so i understand if u dont liek it cuz im terrible at writing story's, but i will try my best, ✌️


8. Chapter 7

Amaras POV

We went to the mall and watched annabelle, then once we were out of there me and felicity went shopping in a store in the mall while michael went to go mess around with the kiosks that always try to pull you into the thing they are selling. Felicity called my name and said "hey the school dance is soon, u could go with michael! We should get u a dress!". "Ok, lets go to a dress shop!" I said paying for my things and heading to a map so i can find a dress shop. We get there and it had so many beautiful dresses and tuxes and then we see michael. I run over to him and i find him looking at tuxs. I come up behind him and jump on his back and he automatically puts his hands on my thighs so he can help me stay up and not fall off of him. A blue flowy dress captures my eye and i jump off of him and run over to it and see how much it was and see it was affordable so i got to the dressing room and try it on, i come out to show felicity and movhael is there just staring at me in awe. "Damn Amara you look hot!" He says and puts his hand over his mouth as i blush, and he did too. "Sorry i didnt mean to say that out loud." He adds and fiddles with his fingers. "Its ok, at least now i know what im gunna get." I say smiling and i go back into the dressing room and get back into my clothes. We pay for our stuff and i check the time. Its late and the mall is gunna close soon. "Its 10:47.We should get going, it closes at 11:00." I say showing them the time as we head out and to the car.

**at home**

We get home and me and felicity sort out our bags of stuff since both of our stuff is mixed into one bag while michael plays a game on my xbox. I think hes playing resident evil, i play a lot of those type of video games, i also have a few lego games, i have batman lego, lord of the rings lego, a game called the sly collection. It came with the xbox. I also have the last of us, resident evil, minecraft, call of duty, and many other games, zombile killing games are always the best though.

Once me and felicity are done she goes home and me and michael go to bed. I go to get dressed for bed. I get out whatever and i end up getting sweatpants and an all time low shirt. I forgot that michael is in the room and i take off my clothes and my bra then get dressed in my pjs. I turn around and see michael and he looks as red as a tomato. Hes just staring at me. "I get it, im ugly, and fat. Just get ready for bed" i say getting under the covers of my comfy bed. "Amara, you are not fat or ugly, if anything you are beautiful, and the perfect size, i feel very lucky that i have you." He says coming closer to me and kissing my nose making me giggle and we go to bed

**the next day**

I wakenup and michaels nowhere to be seen. Where is he? I shrug it off and go downstairs. I see him on the xbox again, and this time i see him playing the last of us, i go to the kitchen to make some breakfast when mikey comes up behind me and hugs me tight making me jump a little but smile after. "Hey babe, what are you doin?" He says turning me around to face him. "Just about to make breakfast." I says hugging tighter. "You shouldnt be making the breakfast, i will, what do u want babe?" He says kissing the top of my head, god hes tall as fuck! "Ummmm, i guess waffles." I say kissing his cheek. "Ok go do whatever!" He says as i walk out to play video games on the xbox. I walk out to the living room and i see something i wish i didnt see this, i walked in at the wrong moment.…

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