The Green Haired Boy

This is my first fanfic so i understand if u dont liek it cuz im terrible at writing story's, but i will try my best, ✌️


7. Chapter 6

Michaels POV

I decided to tell her im an angel. "Amara, can i tell you something really serious and important?" I asked kinda regretting ever saying that. "Yeah what is it mikey?" She asked looking worried. "Amara....." I said grabbing hold if her soft, delicate hands, "im an angel, i was send down here by god to observe human life in modern life. I might as well say the truth with something else, i love you, Amara, i have ever since my eyes met your beautiful ocean blue eyes of yours. You are perfect, you have the most contagious laugh ever, you are very beautiful and intellegent, and i wished you felt the same way. But i doubt that cuz im super ugly, everyone says that." I said as i looked down at the last part of what i said but then Amara lifted up my chin and she kissed me. She kissed me and i felt sparks of love and it was amazing. "Michael, you are not ugly, you are every handsome and i love you too, i dont mind if you are and angel, it just makes you even more attractive!" She said coming closer to cuddle with me.

Amaras POV

I couldnt belive he was an angel, or that he loved me! I decided to just kiss him and it was his amazing, i was hoping he would kiss back and he did. After a few seconds we pull away. "Michael you are not ugly, you are very handsome and i love you too, i dont mind if you are an angel, it just makes you even more attractive" i said cuddling with him falling asleep.


I smell burnt bacon or something and i didnt see michael beside me so i went to go see what happened and i see a paniced mikey with a burning pan with bacon on it throwing the bacon in the trash. "MIKEY!!" I said sounding mad on accident even though I'm not. "Im sorry Amara, i was trying to make breakfast for you but i failed. Please forgive me?!" He said in a worried tone of voice. "I do, maybe you should leave that to my mom" i said laughing a little. "Your mom left a note, here it is" he said handing me the note.

Amara, i have gone away on a buisness trip i will be gone for a year, i checked in on you early in the morning and saw you with a very cute boy, and to that boy, take care of my baby! Move out of your house if you have too! I trust you, dont break her heart.


I started crying but also happy because she approves michael. He comes over to me and holds my face gently. "Its okay Amara, i will take care of you, let's go get ready and we can go anywhere you want to go as if it costs something its on me" he says smiling wide and hugs me tight.

I decided to wear my blink 182 shirt and my skinny jeans and my converse hightops. I looked through my closet while michael went over to his house and got his clothes. He lives alone. I grabbed my clothes and headed to the bathroom. I stripped of my clothes and got in the shower not caring what he tempature of the water was. Once i got in i heard michaels voice.i heard him walking toward the bathroom and the door opening and i poke my head out looking at him he was striping down and he looks up at me and says "can i get in the shower with you to save water?" Winking just in his boxer shorts. "Sure." I say smiling and put shampoo in my hair as he comes in. I had my back to him so i didnt hear him come in and he puts his hands on my hips and whispers in my ear "hey babe" and sends shivers down my spine. "Hey and I'm not your girlfriend... Yet." I said turning around. "Amara can you be my girlfriend?" He said. "Yes michael, of course." I said as he kissed my head. We got done with our shower and i brushed out my hair and put my usual makeup on, mascara and eyeliner. Michael was still getting ready so i went on my phoen and texted felicity



A:me and mikey r gunna go do stuff, wanna come?

F:sure, pick me up in a hour


Michael comes in and is finally done. "Felicity is coming with us, is that fine?" I asked. "Yea of course i like her in a friend way, she is nice and funny." He said smiling.

**1 hour later**

We pick up felicity and go to Starbucks and just hang out for a while.

Hey i feel like updating today on friday so here u go, cuz my phone is buggin out and keeps deleting some of my chapter, i have written everything from the makeup part a bunch of times, i just gave up and made it with less detail this time so sorry for it being kinda 'blaaa hh' from that point on. I promise next chapter will be better.... Hopefully

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