The Green Haired Boy

This is my first fanfic so i understand if u dont liek it cuz im terrible at writing story's, but i will try my best, ✌️


6. chapter 5

Amaras POV

Michael spent the night but kept throwing up, we dont know what was wrong with him, he kept throwing up but he started vomiting blood. Just blood. We decided to take him to the hospital and they did tests on him and we waited in the emergency room for about 3 hours, and felicity went to go pick up some food for me and her to eat, and not for michael because he was sick, he had a popcicle to eat. I still felt bad for him because he was all sick and we were gunna eat food right in front of him. They took him back to do an X-ray on his lungs and other organs. I just sat there in my own thoughts asking myself if hes going to be alright until felicty came in saying "i got pizza! And a room tempature Sierra mist for michael! Wait, where is michael, are they doing another test on him?" She asked looking worried. "Yea they are doing an X-ray on his organs" i said checking my phone to see what time it was. We waited for about 10 minutes until he got brought back "hey girls, im feeling quite a bit better, haven't thrown up in an hour, i still wanna take it easy. So when did you get back felicity?" Michael asked still looking a bit pale but better than before. "I got here about 10 minutes ago, i got you a Sierra mist, its room tempature, it should ease it a little.

"They gave me some meds to make me feel better. So thats why i feel better, they told me they are going to come back but you guys would have to leave, i dont know what they are gunna do but she told me you guys have to go. So im sorry but bye, i will text you both when I'm done with whatever they at doing!" Michael said as we both said our goodbyes and headed out the door. Me and felicity were wondering what he was going to have done. I just shrugged it off.

**an hour later**

M:hey they are done doing the stuff, they just did more testing. Im all good now, they said once you guys get back here i can leave, so plz come and get me! I cant drive i have to leave the hospital in a wheelchair! Like, quick im tired of this place!

A:ok im on my way, be there in like 5 mins or so, stay calm, its ok!

M:ok but plz hurry!

**5 minutes later**

I arrive at the hospital and see michael in a wheelchair waiting for me, he gets out and gets in the passenger seat. We get home and he just lays down in bed with me, we stare at the ceiling talking to eachother "do you think god exists?" Michael asked me. "No, do you?" I said turning my head to face him. "Yeah, its okay though, everyone has a personal opinion." He says and looks at me with a smile.

Michaels POV

I brought up god, and i got nervous, im working for god and if he knows i love someone who doesnt beleive in hem he will make me go to hell with ashton, i never liked him, i need to get finished observing modern life on earth and get back to heaven. Amara doesnt know im an angel, and that if an angel is in earth for too long they get sick. But i dont understand why i threw up, i was here for only a few days, is god telling me to not get involved with her? I dont know.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------sorry i know these are so short but im so busy, 😕 i am trying to get as much as a can and yes, michael is an angel. THE BIG REVEAL!! Haha so yea trying to make them as long as possible.

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