The Green Haired Boy

This is my first fanfic so i understand if u dont liek it cuz im terrible at writing story's, but i will try my best, ✌️


4. chapter 3

Michaels POV

I love Amara, she is so pretty, i wish i just had the balls to talk to her, its hard for me to though, i think i should make a promise to myself to talk to her everyday and become friends! I need to! But i also need to stop wearin. My awesome pikachu onsie, she would probably think im crazy wearing that thing everyday. Well i should probably get up and get ready to go to school.

At school there i saw her, now was the chance to talk to her, it was lunch time, she usually sits at a table with just her and her friend felicity, so i took the chance to go sit with her, but first i told the guys i was going to sit with her, they already knew i liked her. "Hey Amara, hey Felicity, whats up?" I asked trying to be cool. "The sky! Durr! Haha!" Felicity said taking another bite of her pizza. "Why did u decide to sit with us?" Amara asked looking at my hair as it was a bit messier than usual. "Oh i dont know, just 'cause." I said trying to make it look convincing as possible. "Do you wanna come shopping with us at the mall after school today? We promise we wont drive u crazy with girly things, we arent that girly." Amara asked me laughing at how she said they wernt that girly. "Sure, and you sure dont look that girly, im probably more girly than you guys! I own a flower headband! Haha!" I said kind of regretting i said that. "Yea i know, i saw you in that awesoem pikachu onsie with it on after school a few days ago! I love that pikachu onsie, where did you get it?" Amara asked turning her head sideways. "From a fan. Well we better go, its getting kinda late, we still have time to get to class but the bell is gunna ring soon, text me during class where you wanna meet up after school, because i kinda need a ride." I said looking at my watch and wrote down my phone number on a peice of paper and gave it to Amara


Sorry its so short again, im just so tired and i have to wake up early for school tomorrow. I will update ASAP!!!

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