The Green Haired Boy

This is my first fanfic so i understand if u dont liek it cuz im terrible at writing story's, but i will try my best, ✌️


3. chapter 2

After school i saw that michael kid, but he wasn't wearing what he was wearing when i ran into him, he was wearing a pikachu onsie with a flower headband in his hair, i just ignored it and walked to the only place i felt safe, in the library. When i got to the library i went to go sit where i normally do, in the fantasy section and i saw that michael was sitting at my table. I went to go say hi and he looked up at me and got up to move to the table next to my table, i just say down and got my book out, it was The Hobbit. I started thinking about why he moved, is he mad at me? We just met, i think he would be okay with seeing a fan and thinking im cool. He was still wearing that pikachu onsie reading Comics. I went into fantasy land reading my book.

The library was about to close so i put my book back in my bag and headed home, luckly my house is not that far from the library so i can get home before its dark, but on my way home i noticed someone following me. It was a dark shadow, i couldn't tell who it was. I just kept walking until the shadow fell down, then i saw who it was. It was michael, i just walked towards him "why are you following me?!" I asked being creeped out by him. "Just making sure you got home safe!!! Is it that big of a deal?!" He said getting up and brushing hisself off. "Ummm yea it is because you seemed like a stalker following me home! I was about ready to whack you with my bag!! And this bag is really heavy!!!!" I said signaling to my backpack. "And god your clumsy!"

Michaels POV

I fell over a rock, i felt blood running down chin from my mouth but i ignored it, it didnt hurt that much, Amara is so beautiful, i just wanted to make sure she got home safe, i didnt want her to trip like i did and hurt her face. I got snapped back to reality when Amara started yelling at me "why are you following me?!" She said, i got scared, she looks scary when shes mad, she looked like the kind that you wouldn't wanna mess with, I decided to just tell the truth, "just making sure you get home safe! Is it that big of a deal?!" I tried to seem tough but i dont think it was working.


Sorry this one is so short, i just dont have any inspiration right now, i will try to update whenever i have the time

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