The Green Haired Boy

This is my first fanfic so i understand if u dont liek it cuz im terrible at writing story's, but i will try my best, ✌️


11. Chapter 10

Amaras POV

As we were on our way to the portal, felicity comes in and runs into luke.

"Hi." She says staring into lukes eyes... What the actual fuck is going on?!

Felicitys POV

I come inside Amaras house as i run into a tall blonde boy. DAMN! He is hot! "Hi." I say shyly looking into is ocean blue eyes. "Hey, whats your name?" He says, looking back into my eyes. "Im Felicity, whats yours" I say. "Luke." This beautiful 'Luke' says smiling and winking. "I like your name." I say. God this boy is hot! Why god?! Why is this boy so beautiful! "I could say the same for you." He said. "Earth to luke, earth to felicity!" Said a curly haired lad trying to i get us i guess out of a 'trance'..... "Hmm? My curly headed lad?" I say pretending i was spacing out. "Its ashton." Ashton says smiling showing his dimples!!! Oh my god i love dimples!!! Luke has dimples too but this ashton boy has like moon craters in his cheeks!!!! "Hi ashton!" I say cheerly. "Well we were just heading out sooo....." Amara says. "Can i come with?" I ask, i just want to be with luke. "Im sorry, no maybe another time." Michael says. Well, thats sucks, oh well haha, i can hang out with them later. "Ok well can i stay here until you guys get back?" I ask, im probably gunna play on the x-box. "Yeah thats okay, we will be back in like 4 hours or more." Amara says.

Lukes POV

She was beautiful. I wish she could have come with us.

**at the portal**

Amaras POV

We were staring at the portal. THE portal. Im so excited. YYAAYYYY!!!!


Im so sorry its so short but i felt bad for not updating in a long time, i promise they will be in the portal the next time i update!! Pinkie promise! Lol

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