The Green Haired Boy

This is my first fanfic so i understand if u dont liek it cuz im terrible at writing story's, but i will try my best, ✌️


2. chapter 1

Amara's POV:

I woke up to my mom telling me to get up for the first day of school. I went down stairs to go eat breakfast when i see a huge poster of my favorite band, 5 seconds of summer. "Oh my god is this for me?!" I said excitedly. "No its for me, 'cause u know, im such a huge fan of 5sause!" My mom said sarcastically as i went over to the kitchen to make myself some waffles.

After i ate i went to go get dressed,

I didnt have enough time to take a shower so i just brushed my long greasy hair and put a beanie over it, i didnt feel like i should get to dressed up so i just wore my nirvana shirt with black skinny jeans and my combat boots, put my glasses on and grabbed my bag and headed out the door.

I got to school and i saw a cute boy walking my way, he had obviously dyed hair that was a dark shade of green with the same type of clothing i had on, i was so embarrassed that we were twins and he ran into me then we both fell and laughed "hey sorry i wasn't paying attention, whats your name?" He asked as he got up and put his hand out to help me up. "Um- I-Im Amara, and you?" I said getting up and brushing off. "Im michael but u can call me mikey, so, i couldn't help but notice we are wearing the same thing. You like nirvana too?" Mikey said running his fingers through his hair, but as soon as i heard michael, i knew he was from 5sos and i was freaking out inside. "Yea, i do, mikey, are you from that band 5 seconds of summer?" I said nervously because i am talking to michael clifford the one and only!!! "Yea, how did u know? I wouldn't think an awesoem girl like you would know us!! You look to punk to know us!" He said as the bell rang and we went to our classes

I noticed he was going the same way as me so i said "i actually love your band, i got a huge poster of u guys this morning, i guess my mom got it for me, and you are my favorite person in that band" winking at him. "Wow your not freaking out like other fans do when the meet us, your actually pretty cool!" Michael said staring at me. "Well we better get to class, or else we will be late." I said running to my class leaving michael behind.

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