Kiss My Ass (School Girl Justin Bieber Fanfiction)


2. Justy

The girl walked past me with her cheerleading squad, I bet she's the one they all call 'popular' because she was wearing so much make up she could scare a clown, she had on heavily glued press on nails and her hair was loose with glitter in it and she wore tons of perfume I could cry a river and supply California with all the tears they need to stop there drought. She stopped directly in front of me "Eww who are you, let me guess the schools new slut?" She said in an annoying squeaky voice. I took my straw out of my water bottle, threw it in the trash on the side, took my water and spilled it on her from her shirt down. "Oops sorry I didn't think that was gonna happen" I said chewing on a piece of gum. "Uh how dare you! Do you know how much this outfit costs?!" "Oh let me guess how much your daddy has to pay for you to have your little Elves to follow you everywhere?" Everyone in the hallway gasped I guess because no one has stood out for themselves. Tuhh. People. "Uhg Justy tell her something" she said whining and thot walking to the cute guy in the corner that I've seen earlier with his boys. I don't know his name it's could be Justice, Justin any name that has J-U-S-T in it. She went up to him and went to give him a hug and he started backing away. LMFAO I guess she's his girlfriend haha bitch.
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