It Only Took 5 Seconds

What will happen to Maddy when her life is turned upside down. When she is forced to move halfway across the world. she thinks her life couldn't get any worse when suddenly it changes when she meets an interesting set of boys. Could this change her life? Read It Only Took 5 Seconds to find out.

Warning- self harm



59. Freak Out.

Chapter 55.



As Michael and I walked hand in hand to the restaurant that was empty. We walked all the way to the back.

"Maddy!" They yelled.

"Guys!" I yelled back.

"Did you bring the clothes?" Luke asked.

"Yeah..." I said as I smiled to myself.

I pulled my backpack off my back and put it on the table right behind me. I pulled each shirt out and looked at the name on the back before throwing each shirt to them.

"These are cool Mads." Calum said.

"Thanks Cal." I said with a smile.

"On the back collar there is a little surprise." I said with a smirk.

Michael gave me a questioning look before turning his shirt around in his hands.

All the guys bursted out laughing at the sight of the names for their penis were on their shirt.

"Oh my god!" Ashton laughed.

"This is great." Michael giggled.

Luke was the first to strip off his shirt and pull on his new shirt. Then Luke, then Ashton and Michael.

"Oh.... And here." I said handing them their socks.

They all put their socks over their black skinny jeans.

"Can you film it so we can post it on youtube?" Ashton asked me.

"Yeah for sure. Can one of you help me set it up or all of you?"

"I set it up before you got here." Luke said.

"Why thank you, Lucas." I said.

"Guys should we practise the songs a couple times before we have to go on?" Calum asked.

They all agreed and plugged their guitars into the amps.

"What songs are you guys playing?"

"You'll see." Michael said.

"I dont like when you guys do that." I said annoyed.

They all smiled and went to their instruments all practicing different songs at the same time.


*30 minutes later*


There was about 15 people here. 15. I feel kind of bad for them but at least they are doing it right?

They got on the stage. I pressed play on the video camera. I stepped back and walked to the side of the stage.

"Hey everybody! We are... 5 seconds of summer!"

"The first song we will be playing is a cover of pierce the veil. The song is called hold on till may. Enjoy." Ashton said from behind the drums.

I almost cried. This song was my favourite song, for more reasons than one.

Michael glanced at me with a smile. He mouthed the words "we choose it for you"

I felt a tear roll onto my cheek and i out my head down.

I heard Michael and Luke's guitar play the first chords. Then Luke's angelic voice rang through the medium sized restaurant.


She sits up high, surrounded by the sun

One million branches and she loves every one

"Mom and dad, did you search for me?

I've been up here so long I'm going crazy!"


And as the sun went down we ended up on the ground

I heard the train shake the windows

You screamed over the sound

And as we own this night

I put your body to the test with mine

This love was out of control

3-2-1 where did it go?


Now don't be crazy

Yes now of course you can stay here.

Been in a touring band for going on ten years.

"Big deal," she said, "I guess you're official."

I only said it 'cause I know what it's like to feel burned out


It gets you down,

We've all been there sometimes

But tonight I'll make you feel beautiful once again


And as the sun went down we ended up on the ground

I heard the train shake the windows

You screamed over the sound (over the sound)

And as we own this night

I put your body to the test with mine

This love was out of control

3-2-1 where did it go?


If I were you I'd put that away

See, you're just wasted

And thinking 'bout the past again

Darling, you'll be okay


And she said,


"If you were me, you'd do the same

'Cause I can't take anymore

I'll draw the shades and close the door

Everything's not alright and I would rather..."


And as the sun went down we ended up on the ground

I heard the train shake the windows

You screamed over the sound (over the sound)

And as we own this night

I put your body to the test with mine

This love was out of control

Tell me where did it go?


By the end of the song tears were just flowing down my face.

Michael looked at me, he gave me a worried look. I waved it off and gave them all a thumbs up and a smile as i wiled away my tears.


Michael stepped up to his microphone. "I want to say that song was dedicated to my girlfriend and the bands best friend, Maddy." He paused. "This next song is a song we wrote called amnesia."

I immediately looked at the floor in fear someone would look at me. I just stared at the floor and listened to their amazing playing.

Amnesia finished and I heard ashton speak up. "So this will be our last song... But this is a new song called the only reason."

I looked up at them all shocked at watched them as they played their amazing new song.


*after getting back home*


"Guys that was so good!" I yelled.

The guys laughed a bit.

"I wanted to post the video on the youtube channel is that alright?" I asked. Over the past week the guys were filming what they had rehearsed and posted it on a youtube channel. They had about 200 subscribers which wasn't too bad.

"Yeah! That sounds good." Calum said.

I started to run up the stairs to my room, hoping they would all follow me. They didnt. Of course.

"Get your lazy asses up here." I shouted to them.

I heard slow footsteps coming to my room.

I grabbed my laptop and plugged the charger in before opening it.

The door opened and all the guys fled in.

"Took you long enough." I mumbled.

"Being sassy are we? Is it that time of the month?" Luke asked.

I slapped his chest. All the guys laughed along with Luke.

"Ouch." He said very sarcastically.

"Oh shush." I said.

"Mikey can you do it?" I asked him.

"Sure babe." He said calmly.

I smiled as my cheeks went bright red.

"Awh look she's blushing!" Ashton gushed.

I covered my face with my hands and looked in my lap.

"Because she cant handle it when i call her babe." Michael said while pulling me close to him.

"Oh shut up." I told him.

"I'm only stating facts." Michael said back with his hands up in surrender.

Michael uploaded the video.

"How many subscribers today?" I asked.

"Uhh..." Mikey paused to check. "947!" He yelled.

"Holy shit!" We all yelled.

"Thats a lot!" I yelled.

After we calmed down i decided to speak up.

"Hey guys?" I asked.

"Yeah ?" They all said in unison.

"Thanks for playing hold on till may, for me. I was so happy when you did." I told them all.

The guys all smiled.

"Thats what we were going for." Calum said.

I giggled.

"Do you guys want to stay here tonight? Gump comes back really early in the morning and it would be nice if you guys were here for my last night alone." I said.

"I'm in." Michael said without hesitation.

"Theres not going to be any sexual acts between you two?" Ashton asked innocently.

"No." I said.

Michael pouted. I hut hid arm lightly to warn him.

"Your aggressive today." Calum stated. "But yeah I'll stay."

"I will too." Luke said.

"Same here." Ashton said.

"Yay!" I exclaimed.

"Can we go for a swim?" I asked them.

"Yeah." They all said.

"I'm going to put on a swim suit but i will meet you guys in the pool in a minute." I said standing up with the rest if them.

"Okay." They all said as they ran downstairs.


Michaels P.O.V


I ran downstairs with the rest of the guys. We ran all the way to Maddy's backyard.

Luke opened the door and held it for us all. I stopped all the guys when they got outside.

"Guys. I have to tell you something. But promise mr you won't freak out." I said quietly.


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