Together A Clato Story

Cato and Clove had been best friends forever, and eventually, their friendship turned into something more. They got through struggles together, and their relationship was certain. But when the 74th Hunger Games occur, nothing is certain anymore.


1. Babies

Cato giggled and shook his rattle. His mom scooped him up into her arms and pressed her face close to her baby's.

"We're taking you to see a friend, Cato," She cooed.

Cato's parents exited their house and walked down the paved street until they came across a large house. The family walked up to the house and Cato's dad knocked on the door. A woman and her husband threw the door open with large smiles. The woman had a baby girl in her arms

"Joanne!" The woman with the baby girl cried.

"Lauren!" Cato's mom exclaimed.

Lauren rocked her baby and her husband smiled.

"I hope Clover and Cato become friends" Lauren said with a smile.

"Say hi to Clover, Cato" Joanne said.

"Clove!" Cato gurgled. 

Lauren looked at her husband.

"Isn't that cute?" she asked, "Clove?"

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Clover's father asked.

"We should call Clover Clove!" 

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