Together A Clato Story

Cato and Clove had been best friends forever, and eventually, their friendship turned into something more. They got through struggles together, and their relationship was certain. But when the 74th Hunger Games occur, nothing is certain anymore.


5. 1 year later

Cato sat on in the grass with Clove, his arm was draped around her shoulders, and he could smell her sweet smell. She was the type of person who had a distinct sweet smell that lingered on all of her things. The crisp fall air blew through the trees, chilling Cato. Clove didn't have a jacket because she thought it would be warmer, but Cato was still chilly with his light jacket. 

A sudden gust of cold wind blew through the valley and Clove shivered. 

"Do you want my jacket?" Cato asked.

"No, you keep. You'll be too cold without it," Clove said.

Cato took off the jacket. He was greeted by harsh cold winds, but he didn't care. He handed his jacket to Clove.Clove took it and put it on, snuggling into it's warmth. Cato tried not to shiver, but he was cold. When Clove saw his, she unzipped the jacket and toke one of her arms out of it's sleeve.

"no, keep the jacket," Cato said. 

"come in here with me," Clove said.


"Come on! The jacket is big on me anyways!" Clove laughed.

Cato inched closer to her and she put half of the jacket around his. Cato became very aware of how close his was to Clove. Her smell filled his nostrils. Clove shifted uncomfortably. Cato was warm, but he knew that Clove was uncomfortable.

"We need to move around," Cato announced.

"What?" Clove asked.

Cato leapt to his feet. He bowed to Clove.

"May I have this dance?" he asked in an accent.

Clove looked into her lap.

"Um, I don't dance, really," She muttered.

"Please, my lady," Cato insisted.

"I don't know Cato,"

Cato reached for her hands and pulled her up. Smiling at her her, he adjusted one of her hands so it was on his hip, and the other on his shoulder. He did the same with his hands, and started to sway. Clove looked down and Cato started to move his feet rhythmically.  

Clove stumbled and tripped on her feet, but Cato kept her steady.

"Just move your feet in sync with mine, okay? Try it, one two three, one two three, one to three," Cato instructed her.

Clove laughed and started to really get good at dancing. When they were done, Cato walked Clove back down to her house. When they got there, both of their parents were waiting for them with two District 2 peace keepers. Cato tensed up when he saw the peace keepers.

"What's wrong?" he blurted out. 

"Come in, both of you," the peace keeper instructed, then led Cato into his own house. He sat on the couch with Clove, his parents, and Clove's dad. The peace keeper cleared his throat.

"I have a message for both if you. We would have contacted you sooner, but you, well, fell off the list temporarily," the peace keeper said roughly.

"You are going to be taken to the training academy, to train for the Hunger Games," the second peace keeper informed them. 

Clove gasped and Cato's jaw dropped in dismay.

"I thought we were too old to start at the academy!" Cato cried. 

"Well, not necessarily. There was a slight bend in the rules for you two," the second peace keeper said, "You two lucky ones get to go to the academy anyways,"

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