What Had Been... What Is Now...

Book #2 of the "Percy, The Love Of My Life" series. Will the quest continue? Will Percy and Meghan break up? Does Percy still have feelings for Legend? Will Travis ever find out about the kiss? What ever happened to Riley? Will Legacy ever find love? And the question still stands... Who is Meghan's real mother?



5. Why Me?!

Legend's POV

I have to admit. It felt kinda nice. His lips were warm. I didn't want it to seem like I was embracing the kiss or pulling away so I just stood there pretending to be frozen in shock.


Then he was pulled away from me.


I looked to see Riley kick Leo in the face with his hoof, "You wanna go!? Huh? You wanna go kisser boy?" He punched Leo in the gut and Leo fell to the ground. Riley attempted to kick him again, but Leo grabbed his leg and made him fall to the ground.

"You want a piece of Leo Valdez, Donkey? You're about to get burned by my hotness!" Leo asked/yelled as he stood up.

Right before Leo said that, Percy had caught up with us, "Guess wha-Leo?" he mumbled.

"GUYS!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. Everyone jumped and looked at me.

"Guys," I said quieter, walking up to Leo and Riley.

Then I punched Riley in the gut. "That," I said, "Is for kissing me."

Then, reluctantly, I punched Leo, too. "And that," I whispered into his ear, "Is for recording me singing."

Riley and Leo looked at me in fear, along with everyone else. Even Clarisse.

"Why me?" I wondered aloud pinching the bridge of my nose.


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