What Had Been... What Is Now...

Book #2 of the "Percy, The Love Of My Life" series. Will the quest continue? Will Percy and Meghan break up? Does Percy still have feelings for Legend? Will Travis ever find out about the kiss? What ever happened to Riley? Will Legacy ever find love? And the question still stands... Who is Meghan's real mother?



8. Interesting Day

Legacy's POV

I started searching through my bag, looking for the thing my half-brother Nico gave me for emergencies. Then I found it. I brought out the jar and hid it behind my back.

"What's that?" Luke asked me.

"I'll tell you... on one condition."

"What is that condition?"

"Do you want to become alive again?"

"Well," he paused. "Yeah."

I brought out the jar. He looked inside of it and saw the piece of paper that it was keeping safe.

"What is on that paper?" he asked.

"Well, you'll see. If Nico said it worked on Hazel, it should work on you."

"What is it?"

"Can you please be patient?"


I took out the paper and read the instructions. Then I did something that I am not allowed to tell anyone, because I would have to kill that person and myself.

He held out his hand to mine, and his eyes widened when his hand hit skin, not air.

"I, I'm alive!"

He let go of my hand and pulled me into a bear hug. (Blushing on the outside, squealing on the inside.)

"Thank you Legacy!" he yelled happily.

"Now we just have to see what the others think about one more person..." I said worriedly.

"What others?"

Legend's POV

What the Hades is happening? A love square? What on Olympus is a love squ-oh... crap. I know what she means by a love square. I don't wanna be in a love square.

 Destiny's POV

 I climbed up a tree watching everything happening. I looked over past the trees to see Leo walking away from Percy.

'Follow him' a female voice whispered in my head.

I jumped from my tree and quietly followed him.

I heard him say," Travis please stay!"

"No I have no reason to stay."

"But Legend-"

"Kissed Percy!"

I decided to jump in right then.

I grabbed him by his color and threw him against a tree.

"Travis she LOVES you!! I can tell that she misses you she almost cries herself to sleep!!" I yelled.

"Leo come here," I said.

He walked over and I grabbed his video camera.

I showed Travis when Legend fell off the cliff.

"See right here Percy leans down and kisses Legend and she does nothing back," I said looking at him.

"Then here where Legend flips out on Percy for kissing her!" I said.

"Oh my gods I'm and idiot," he said.


"Well I'll walk you back," said Leo.

I nodded my head and smiled.

"So Leo you like Legend?" I asked.

He blushed and nodding.

"Well it's not that simple," he said softly.

I looked up at him confused only to feel soft lips on mine.

I pulled back and looked at him shocked.

"I'm in LOVE with two girls and their names are Legend, and her sister Destiny," he said.

I backed away shaking my head.

"No Leo no," I said.

I turned and ran back to my tree.

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