What Had Been... What Is Now...

Book #2 of the "Percy, The Love Of My Life" series. Will the quest continue? Will Percy and Meghan break up? Does Percy still have feelings for Legend? Will Travis ever find out about the kiss? What ever happened to Riley? Will Legacy ever find love? And the question still stands... Who is Meghan's real mother?



4. He Kissed Her

Legacy's POV

When I left Percy in the clearing, I really went to catch up with the others.

"Hey Meghan, Legend! Percy just got eaten by a giant spider!"

"REALLY?" Meghan exclaimed with a happy face.

Before Legend answered, I saw her push a certain satyr into the woods

"CAN I SEE?" Legend yelled.

"No, I was just kidding. Wanted to see your reactions." I smirked.

"Liar, Liar, plants for hire!" Someone behind me yelled.


"Sorry, I'll leave." Leo said.

"How long have you been following us!?" Legend screamed.

"About since you left." Leo answered casually.

"What the heck? Now we have SEVEN PEOPLE ON A QUEST THAT WAS ORIGINALLY SUPPOSED TO ONLY HAVE THREE!" Legend yelled walking up to Leo.

Leo lifted the camera up a little more to get a clear shot of her face. He smiled a little.

"What's with the creepy smile?" I asked.

His smiley face turned into one with a little bit of longing, "I just didn't want to be left behind again! Btw, Legend I got your entire dreamy song on tape." He said nervously laughing.

Legend froze, then growled, " Why on EARTH would you want a video if me singing?"

She walked closer to Leo. They were about half a foot apart.

Leo turned red," Well...um. You see. Um." He bit his lip and looked away.

I glanced at Meghan. She looked like she was trying her hardest not to burst out laughing. Destiny and Clarisse looked the same way.

I suddenly realized why it would possibly be so funny. Leo liked Legend.

Meghan, Clarisse, and I watched as the satyr got up from out of the woods and pranced to Leo.

The satyr moved Legend to the side and pointed a finger at Leo, " Why were you video taping my woman singing? Hmmm? I'd like to know mister!" He tried to say it threateningly but the green "recycling makes me happy" tee shirt kinda ruined it.

"Excuse me?" Leo asked raising an eyebrow.

"Your...Woman?" Legend asked cracking her knuckles and turning to Riley.

He gulped.

"And you..." She said turning back to Leo, "Why did you video tape me singing?"

"Uhhh." Was all she received from Riley.

"Well it's just that when you first got to camp you were so pretty and..." He stuttered a bit, "And you were..." She paused, "I guess what I'm trying to say is..." He took a deep breath and looked into her eyes.

Riley's POV

He kissed her.

Destiny's POV

He kissed her.

Meghan's POV

He kissed her.

Clarisse's POV

He kissed her.

Leo's POV

I kissed her.

Legend's POV

He kissed me.

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