What Had Been... What Is Now...

Book #2 of the "Percy, The Love Of My Life" series. Will the quest continue? Will Percy and Meghan break up? Does Percy still have feelings for Legend? Will Travis ever find out about the kiss? What ever happened to Riley? Will Legacy ever find love? And the question still stands... Who is Meghan's real mother?



3. Fetching The Water

Legend's POV

I was out getting some water from the waterfall. After walking about 5 miles (which took a few hours), we had set up camp. The waterfall was about a mile away, so once in a while one of us had to go and fetch the water.

I sighed. Getting the water was so boring. It was my least favourite thing to do, actually. I started to sing quietly, a song that I made up as I went.

I'm out fetching the water. Down by the stream. It's so boring. I think I'm going to scream.

Life's so complex. I wish I could just relax.

I'm filling up the bucket. Down by the stream. It's so hard to carry. And I suck at song writing.

I'm just giving myself something to do. While I'm out fetching the water. Down by the stream.

I stopped singing and groaned, "Why couldn't Percy get the water? He's stronger, and has water powers!"

"I agree." said a voice that I dreaded.

I froze, dropped the bucket spilling the water everywhere (which caused me to let out a string of curses), and turned around. And then the satyr gave a little smirk and waved. "Hey baby," he said. I groaned quietly. "Riley," I whispered, rolling my eyes.



Okay look. I wrote that song in five minutes. DON"T JUDGE! I know I suck at song writing but it's the best I could do. Thank you!

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