What Had Been... What Is Now...

Book #2 of the "Percy, The Love Of My Life" series. Will the quest continue? Will Percy and Meghan break up? Does Percy still have feelings for Legend? Will Travis ever find out about the kiss? What ever happened to Riley? Will Legacy ever find love? And the question still stands... Who is Meghan's real mother?



7. A Cute Spirit

Percy's POV

No-one had a clue what Destiny meant. We all wanted to know, but all we could say was,


Not very educated.

I decided not to ask Destiny any questions. But Leo, I had a few questions for him. I slowly walked up to him.

"Hey," I started casually, "How much of this quest did you record on this thing?" I said, nodding towards the camera in his charred hands.

"Everything. From the beginning, to when you and Legacy were in the clearing, to you kissing Legend, to Megh-"

"DELETE IT!!!!! NOW!!!!!" I yelled at him.

"Hey, I am not exactly anyone at Camp's favorite. So I need it in my defense. If you make sure I stay safe, for, oh, I don't know, the rest of the time I am repairing Festus again, I won't show Travis."

"Why do you need protection for that?"

"Never trust a Hermes kid. That's all I can say."

Understandable. Blackmail, but understandable.

Legacy's POV

"Legacy, I need you." my father's voice boomed in my head.

"Why?" I asked back.

"Just do it. Don't bring any of your silly little friends, either."

"Fine. Just let me think up an excuse."

"See you soon." his voice finished, and then went away.

What was I supposed to say? 'Oh, my Father said I needed to go down there and not bring any of my silly little friends.'

No. Not that.

"Hey guys!" I called over, "I need to go to the Underworld to check something! Don't follow me, and don't ask questions!" I yelled.

Not the best, but still. I ran into the woods in a zig-zag pattern so no-one could follow me. Then I came to a clearing.

"This better work..." I mumbled to myself as I willed the shadows to take me into the underworld. As they were taking me there, my blood felt ice cold, and so did my skin. Finally I reached the sweltering hot temperatures of the underworld. Thank the gods.

"My daughter, you have come." my Father's voice whispered into my head, "I need you to go through the Fields of Punishment, Asphodel, and the Elysium."


"I need someone to clean up."



"You said it was important!"

"It is!"


"Then stop by the palace. I need you to witness a judgment with me."


"Now get to the job!" he yelled. Then the conversation was over. I walked through the Fields of Punishment, hearing ghostly screams all around me. Picking up little pieces of trash along the way. How is it even possible for ghosts to have trash? I finally got out of the Punishment and into the Fields of Asphodel.  Still picking up trash. I jogged through the Elysium, there was no trash in there. This seems funny that I have to pick up trash. Can't he do it? Finally I got to the palace. As I walked inside, I saw this Spirit "sitting" on a chair in front of giant scales. He was sitting so he was facing away from the scales. His blonde hair and blue eyes were cute. HE was cute. I stopped in my tracks and my mouth fell open. He looked up at me and gave me a sly smile. I blushed and then continued walking over to my Father. I heard him chuckle slightly in the background.

"Father," I said, "I'm here. Is that the Spirit that is here for judgment?"

"Yes it is. Now sit down and watch."

I sat down in a mini throne next to his larger one. Then I saw Minos, Rhadamanthys, an Aiakos come out of a small door beside the thrones.

"Mr. Castellan," Minos said, "You have committed treason against the gods for becoming the embodiment of the Titan, Kronos. That deserves a place in the Fields of Punishment. But you also sacrificed yourself  for your friends, which owes you a spot in the Elysium. You cannot take the Field of Asphodel as your destiny, for you have not led a normal life. Betraying the gods is a more major thing than sacrificing yourself. So.... Fields of Punishment!"


"Legacy," Hades boomed. "You shall not disturb the judgments!"

"No. I will do what I want."

"What?! You shall NOT defy your Father!"

"YOU aren't my Father." I said defiantly, "I am my own person, and I say no."


I took out my sword and pointed it at everyone at least once.

"I am taking him with me. Don't move, or I will hurt you."

"You can't hurt us." Rhadamanthys chuckled.

"I know who can."

"Fine... he wasn't that important anyway." Aiakos pouted.

I backed out slowly, the Spirit following me.

"Th-thank you. I wa-was about t-to be forced into th-the Fields of P-Punishment." the Spirit said shakily.

"I know." I answered.

The Spirit smoothed out his voice and then smiled at me.

"Hi," the Spirit said, "My name is Luke."




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