City Lights

Abused by her dad, 15 year old Daniella is trying to get through it all but one day she just couldn't take it anymore and left with her best friend Isabella, who shares the same problem. Now they travel around looking for work and a place to stay. What happens when they meet a stranger who offers to take them in?


1. Chap. 1

I left everything behind, judge me I don't care. I couldn't handle it anymore. My dad began to drink a lot and became very violent after my mom died he would always yell at me and beat me saying it was my fault she died, so I left. Isabella, my best friend, told me we could runaway, she was going through the same problem. She said 'Lets go, we'll live together and have fun on our own never have to worry about anything or anyone', but she was wrong. I still remember the night we left.


"Are you sure about this?" She asked wiping her tears away. "Yes," I trembled.

*20 min's. before (12:42)*

I was scared to death, we weren't able to have time to plan anything, eager to leave so soon, but when the time came we were petrified. I had my backpack packed with clothes, food, some money, and a picture of my mom and I, hidden under my bed. I slept with my clothes on to save time. When I climbed out of bed I slipped on my shoes, grabbed my backpack and quietly tried to open my window "Dammit!" I said under my breath. The windows are nailed shut. I run over to my other window which is also nailed shut. What do I do now? I cant break it It'll wake him. And I cant leave my room he locked the door. I slowly start to panic until I notice the hammer hidden under the window curtain. I start to pull out the nails, when I finally open it I slip out into the cool night and grab my skateboard. Isabella and I planned on meeting at a close by park.


I arrived at the park and spotted Isabella, She was sitting on a swing alone. "I'm here," I stated, taking a seat on the swing next to her. "This is it huh?" She said. "Yep, I guess it be honest I'm scared to leave," I said, looking at her. "I am too, but it'll be better this way, we'll get to live our own lives not have to worry about getting another beating, sleep peacefully without having to lock our rooms at night, you know what I mean?" "Yeah, I do." I give her a small smile. "Are you going to miss anyone?" I ask. She takes a while to answer, "Some people, but I'm grateful I have you to comfort me," A tear slides down her bruised cheek, which she got the night before from her parents. "So am I," I stand up and give her a hug. We stayed like this for a while until we pulled away. "Are you sure about this?," she asked wiping her tears away. "Yes." I trembled.

We made it to Chicago by taking a bus all night, and stayed at a motel. "I'm tired," Bella said, undoing the bed sheets. "Same here," I said crawling under the sheets. She turned off the lights and drifted off to sleep, but I couldn't. I was worried about how we were going to live we couldn't possibly stay in a motel our whole lives, we'd have to eventually leave, and what would we do when we run out of money?, can we get jobs? will people hire us? all these questions and worries ran through my head. I was also worried our parents would find us and drag us back with them, back to that horrible place were they'd beat us everyday of our lives. Soon after I finally fell asleep but had a horrible nightmare that my dad had found me and had taken me back to give me a terrible beating which I passed out and woke up on the floor, my whole body sore, covered in blood and bruises. All I did was cry and cry until Bella shook me awake. "It was just a nightmare, its ok they can never hurt us again, you're safe with me," Bella said hugging me but I couldn't stop crying the dream felt so real.



~Hey, this is my first story and I hope you liked the first chapter!, bye~







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