All Good Things

Little Ruby Morrell was a tragedy just waiting to happen...

Mr. Michael Carter has her happy ending, if he has the courage to write it...

When tragedy strikes for a small girl, that's when two different sides of the story emerge. Will such a small child change his life forever?


5. Epilogue

The woman sat at the dual-grave, placing a flower down. A single daffodill, though it wasn’t the only plant. A large apple tree loomed over the stone memorial. She wiped away a single tear and rested her head against the cold stone. The October breeze lifted her lovely chocolate brown locks from where the rested on her shoulders.

“It’s been years,” she whispered. “I just miss them so much.”

“I know you do. I know. But you’re not alone.”

A warm hand closed around hers. She took it and pulled herself up. “Thanks.”

“Your parents are waiting. Shall we tell them the news?” 

“I guess now is as good a time as any.” 

Hand-in-hand, the couple walked slowly from the grave site towards the car that awaited them. As she got in the car, she looked at her husband and smiled. “I hope she got your hair,” she said, running her hands through his bright red hair.

“I hope she got your heart,” he said, resting his hand on her chest.

She smiled and the car started, taking them to where she knew her parents were waiting. As they drove, she wondered how she’d tell them that she, Ruby Carter O’Leary, was going to be a parent. 

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