Chasing Nothing

In Selena's futuristic world, every teenager is sent to a camp where they receive high technology gadgets, and learn survival skills in case of a war. As Selena battles her way through this survival camp, she encounters an enemy. This time, Selena isn't the strongest in the camp. No, Selena has met her match. In "Chasing Nothing", Selena strives to become the smartest, bravest, and the one to win over her love's heart.


3. Winter

          After class was over, I spent the rest of camp day watching Adam and Winter drool over each other.  I check my Holowatch.  Happiness level: 5 out of 10.  Great.  I switch the screen to the time.  Only 15 more minutes. I take a deep breath.  I can do this.

          After camp is over, I ride my hoverboard back to my bunking cabin.  My Holowatch calls for snow tonight.  It's never wrong.

          As I arrive at my cabin, I see Winter and Adam standing on the porch.  I scream in my mind.  If I have to see her perfect face on more time tonight, I'm going to lose my cool.

          I dive into the bushes, and use my learning from spy class and peer through the bushes, not making a sound.   I know how to eavesdrop and go places undetected.

          "Oh, Adam!  I can't believe you're not popular!  You are definetealy material we're looking for!" Winter pipes.  I clench my fists.

          "Thanks, Winter.  I like my skater group though." Adam replies.

          "Forget those losers!  You could be cool among the camp!  Just think about it," she says.

          What she does next is the reason I come screeching out of the bushes.

          Winter leans over slowly and kisses his nose.

          I run over, flipping her full force onto her back.  She lands with a thud, and recovers her balance sooner than I anticipated.  She comes at me with lightning speed, punching me in the gut, sending me flying.

        My anger boils.  Just you wait, Winter.  Anger boils my adrenaline to perfection.

          I launch at her, grabbing her waist, my head beneath her arm.  I slam her into the ground with all my weight, and pin her to the dirt, wrists locked in my clenching grip.

          She squirms with discomfort, blood trickling from her nose.  Maybe I've gone too far...

          That's when she flashes me a sly grin, and bursts into tears.

          Adam rushes over to Winter, glaring at me.

          I stand there paralyzed with shock.  I look down at my hands.  Did I cause this?

          All of a sudden, a burst of pain explodes in my gut.  I look at my stomach, which is purple, and keel over in agony.

          "Adam..." I wheeze.

          My last sight is Adam riding away on his hoverboard, laughing along with Winter, because she has magically recovered.  Then, I black out.

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