Chasing Nothing

In Selena's futuristic world, every teenager is sent to a camp where they receive high technology gadgets, and learn survival skills in case of a war. As Selena battles her way through this survival camp, she encounters an enemy. This time, Selena isn't the strongest in the camp. No, Selena has met her match. In "Chasing Nothing", Selena strives to become the smartest, bravest, and the one to win over her love's heart.


4. Hurt

          I wake up in my cabin bed with a warm hand on my forehead.

          "Adam?" I mutter, hoping that was all a dream.

          "Nope, sorry," Chase says.

          I begin to sit up, but fall back down in pain.  I lift up my camp day shirt a little to inspect my wound.  I gaze at the dried blood that was falling in a straight line out of the purple bump.

          "She cut a pretty gnarly wound on you," Chase says.

          "Cut?" I ask.

          "Yeah, didn't you see the ringknife on her index finger?" he asks.

          I shake my head, confused.

          "It's a new, expensive invention," Chase explains.

          I nod and close my eyes, waiting for sleep to wash me away from this cruel world.  I shiver, unable to escape.

          "Chase?" I call.


          "Will you lay with me?  I'm cold," I say feebly.

          "Sure." he replies.

          Chase climbs into the queen size bed and holds me.

          After a long, comforting silence he asks, "What do you think of me, Selena?"

          "What do you mean?" I ask, suddenly confused.

          "I mean, do you think of me as a best friend, or more?" he questions.

          "Do you mean a super ultra mega best friend?" I ask, teasing him.

          "Be serious, Selena," he says sternly.

          "Oh, well I don't know..." I say, looking up at him.

          He looks away.  "Never mind.  It was a stupid question."

          I lay there, dumbfounded.  I repeat the conversation in my mind.  Then, I look up at Chase again.  I really look at him this time.  Dark circles are around his eyes, and his usual gelled hair is messy.

          "Are you okay, Chase?" I ask, worried.

          "Yeah, I've been up for a couple of days waiting for you to regain consciousness, but it's no big deal," he replies.

          I narrow my eyes.  "Sleep!" I order.

          Chase obeys, probably wanting to sleep more than to argue with stubborn me.  He closes his eyes, and soon his breathing softens.  I sigh, ready for sleep too.  I relax my tense shoulders, and take a deep breath.  I'll just solve my problems tomorrow.  Hopefully, Adam can wait for me, because I'm not giving up on him yet.

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