I'm Human Too

Based on past experiences. A poem about isolation and being bullied. It shows how words can affect a person deeply and yet they never show it. Think before you say or do anything that you know might hurt someone. I hope you enjoy this poem. ©Copyrighted Rose Woods. All rights reserved for Rose Woods.


1. I'm Human Too

I'm Human Too

Whatever you must say or do,

Know that I am human too.

And if you make me grieve of strife,

know I might be scarred for life.


I can feel pain and hurt,

you treat me like a piece of dirt.

You hit me hard and hurt my soul,

In my heart, there's a big hole.


I couldn't help my being shy,

You are the one who made me cry.

I was ignored until the end,

I didn't have a single friend.


Alienated and tossed like trash,

Hurting from every blow and bash.

I always used to stand and fight,

the tears came pouring out at night.


Will you try and hurt me now?

I'm far away from you right now.

I feel all the same you do,

because I am human too.


By Rose Woods




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