nowhere to be seen

Elisa is a 15 year old, her and her friends play a game in the woods when they are camping and they decide to play a hide and seek game in the woods, in the dark, well that wont be a very good idea. Read to find out what happens....


1. camping

Elisa pov

hi im Elisa and i am 15 year old and i have 3 other friends, Jamie, Lottie and Jack, today we are going camping on our own, luckily Jack is the oldest and he is 18 so he is going to be driving us there, well enough of this lets get to the point.


Elisa pov (still)

(skip car wide) Once we got to the camp ground we got out the car and went to our camping space and set up our tents and because it was dark we went around the fire that Lottie made, as we were sitting down Lottie suggested we play hide and seek in the dark now lets see how we go.



that's my first chapter guys sorry for missing a bit out and pls comment what you want to happen in the next chapter plz by my munchkins

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