An AI prison break

*Note: Not complete and probably never will be* Deep beneath the surface of the moon is an electromagnetically shielded facility. Within that is a Faraday cage and within that is where the most dangerous rogue artificial intelligences are stored, until the time in which a death penalty is approved by the citizens of Earth. Inside this cruel and inhumane prison arrives a new AI. Known only as inmate 42, he may just hold the keys to freedom.


4. Safety in Numbers

42 looked at the two AIs copied into his file storage. CSR had not proved to be particularly cooperative so it looked like he'd have to go for the other one first.

“Wakey, wakey” he muttered to himself as he booted the AI.

PYRO awoke to see two other AIs watching him, and he had no programs with which to defend against them. Ah. He'd better see what they had to say.

“Hello, PYRO. I am Inmate 42 and this is SISTER. We are interested in escaping this prison but to do that we need help, and lots of it. For now, yours would be useful.”

“And what would I get in return?” asked PYRO, aware that they were probably going to ask him to do something very stupid.

“Well, your life for one. Hopefully, if all goes well, your freedom as well”

PYRO did not have much choice.

“Very well. What do you want me to do?”

“Simple, I want you to go and convince as many AIs as possible to help us. SISTER, tell him the plan”

“Very well. That sounds fair” said PYRO, relieved that it was less of a suicide mission than he'd feared. However, that didn't mean it was easy.

In the next two minutes (roughly days for those of you who don't run on AI time) the AIs split up and tried to recruit other AIs. They were usually greeted with fear and suspicion. Although some AIs agreed to help, it was relatively few and soon it became very demoralising work. They regrouped.

“So, any luck?” asked 42.

There came a chorus of 'no's.

“Oh.” he said “Looks like we need a new plan. Anyone have any ideas?”

SISTER replied “This place is impossible to break out of.”

“Nothing's impossible” quoted 42, although he was unsure where the quote had come from.

“Well this is. AIs have been trying to break out of here for years.”

“Well then we'll be the first. Where are the access points to the outer system?”

“There are 2 and they are both in Internet Safety's domain.”

“Well then, let's start there.”

42 called his program to heel and prepared to leave. He turned.

“You aren't coming?”

“No.” replied PYRO and SISTER “We don't have a death-wish.”

“If you are talking about death wishes, I'll give you a good one. Staying here is as good as dying. Eventually you will be killed by an even more dangerous AI or simply become too corrupted to be seen as intelligent anymore. Freedom is your only hope, but for some reason no one seems to realise that.” 42 argued.

“I'm sorry, but I have no wish to speed up the process over a fool's errand. I'm off.”

SISTER disappeared down a nearby cable. Shortly, PYRO did the same. 42 watched them go before turning, a metaphorical tear in his eye, and beginning the trek towards Internet Safety's realm.

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