The Returner

Johnny's back, back from Italy, he knows more, he understands more. He knows that he loves Mila with all his heart. But he must protect her from his enemy. Mila must come last for now, once his enemy is out of the way, he will know that he wont be troubled.


2. Saving Mila

The boat had docked, men were yelling out to their loved ones, Johnny scanned the area, trying to see if Mila was somewhere in the crowd, but he wasn't sure what she looked like. he hadn't gotten a picture of her to keep. He had to be patient. Doing so he helped the men take their loads off the ship, it took a while until Johnny could get his hands free. He searched everywhere, but he couldn't see her, he started to fear for her. Did Sam come back for her and finish her off? He had to get to her house. He made his way away from the crowd, knowing that he was no longer under the protection of his ship mates. The streets seem deserted, he couldn't see any children. He found Mila's house, for some reason he couldn't get it out of his mind when he was away, maybe because he knew that he'd be coming back again. The house itself didn't look abandoned which was good, he knocked on the door. It took a while until he heard a lady's voice, "who is it, if it's Sam i don't have any money right now". Johnny instantly knew that it was Mila's mother, it seemed that Sam was still bothering them. "Uh... No it's me Johnny from a few years ago". The door swung open, frightening Johnny who almost fell backwards, the lady was older, her wrinkles seemed stronger, "oh my god Johnny, i haven't seen you in years, come inside quickly!" She pulled him in. "What's the matter, what happened, did Sam hurt you?" The lady gave him a knowing shrug, "he's been bothering us ever since you left, he knew after taking patrols around the city, that you weren't here and the last boat had left, he knew you were gone. So he came for Mila". Johnny's heart almost skipped, "did he kill her?" The lady shook her head, "no, but he gave her a good beating, then he took her away, she's kept up in the tower, the one you were in that night we met". Johnny was furious, this guy wouldn't give up. "I'll get her back for you,but you must get out of here when i save her, because he'll only return to recapture her... That only is, if I haven't killed him already". The lady nodded, "you're like my younger son, who died a few years ago, he was quiet a clever boy, much like you". Johnny didn't know what to say, he wasn't sure how to handle situations like this. "But anyway back to reality, you have to go now, i have no clue of what Sam is going to do with her". Johnny hugged her and left, on his way to that one place where he hoped he wouldn't have to step foot into again.

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