The Returner

Johnny's back, back from Italy, he knows more, he understands more. He knows that he loves Mila with all his heart. But he must protect her from his enemy. Mila must come last for now, once his enemy is out of the way, he will know that he wont be troubled.


1. Sails

It's been a few years now, two, three or more thought Johnny as helped tie the ropes. His new friends were now old mates. Some were alive and some were dead, it was something he had to learn along the journey. To let friends go after they've died, it wasn't easy of course. Johnny felt like throwing himself overboard because it was so hard. But he had stopped and thought about it, knowing that men had gone through this for many years and they're still standing on this ship. "So, you've got a girl?" Johnny looked to his right to see Ben, who was also tying ropes up, looking at him with a smile. "Yeah, I haven't seen her for years now".

"That might be bad, she might be married now".

"I don't know about that, but i plan to not think about it". Johnny said, he knew that she could do whatever she wanted, he had no control over her, and he didn't want to control her, that wouldn't be him if that happened. "I wonder when we're going to get there though". Johnny said as he finished on his last round of ropes. "Uh... I heard the captain say that we don't have that long to go now". Johnny was excited, he couldn't wait to lay his eyes on Mila. 

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