Just a Warning

This is a warning, should you ever find yourself lost there. This is the only chance you have of survival.


2. The House

Just a warning, should you ever find yourself lost in her halls, this you should know.


Keep your hand on the left. And don’t ever let your fingers leave the cold stone of the walls, lest you never find your way back out again.


And though tempting as it may be. Do not enter any room. No window will aid your escape. The walls are not friendly and the vines malicious.


The closets hides secrets.


The curtains are heavy with dangerous affection.


The carpets are temperamental.


The chandeliers horrified that you have entered their home.


Everything watches, nothing stirs.

Don’t let the house know you’re there. If you leave before it awakens, before she finds you, you may have a chance. And if you do, take it. Leave and never return.

 For if the house awakens if you take your hand off the left, you will walk from the mortal world and enter an eternity that was never prophesied.  


The house will take you.


The house will become you.


And you can never leave.



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