Just a Warning

This is a warning, should you ever find yourself lost there. This is the only chance you have of survival.


1. The Forest

~~Just a Warning. If you’re lost. If you should ever find yourself amongst its trees, then this you should know;

When you’re in there and when you’re all alone and all there can be heard is silence, keep your eyes low. Don’t look up. No matter what you do hear, never look up, never search for signs of danger. For danger is already here. It lives within the very trees that surround you. It’s been there since you stepped foot inside. From the moment you passed through the barrier and out of reality. So there is no point looking for it now. It’s already found you. But really, honestly, it’s not the trees you should fear, it’s the Dark Creature hiding within them.

Whatever you do, don’t look at it.

Close your eyes and pray. Pray that it leaves you alone. Because if you look at it. If you see it.



                                                            The End.


You’re dead. There isn’t a chance in the universe you’ll survive. Your fate is sealed.




It only takes a second. One look. One glance. For your soul to melt away.
Even if it’s just a quick flash of colour in the corner of your eye. That’s all it takes.
And then the coldness you can feel, slowly seeping into your skin, won’t ever leave. It’s all you’ll ever feel again.

That ice-cream headache.

So close your eyes little one, and don’t ever open them again. Just take my advice


And Run.



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